Diablo In-House Comp Holiday Edition 12.01.18

Diablo In-House Comp 2018 - Moxie Holiday Edition

Our 2nd In-House Competition of 2018 is on Sat, Dec 1 from 9 AM – 2 PM at our San Jose – Moxie location. Everyone of every ability is strongly encouraged to participate in this fun and challenging event! We’re doing “Teams of Two” – MM, FF, or FM.. it doesn’t matter. Just find someone to partner with for a few hours of workin’ out and having fun.

WHEN: Saturday, December 1st, 2018
WHERE: Diablo CrossFit Moxie – San Jose
TIME: 9AM – 2PM (Arrive early to warm up & receive instructions)
THEME: Holiday Fun! 

Important: If you’ve been to the Regionals or Games (incl. Masters) you must partner with a class athlete!

The Workouts

Event 1 – “Orange Fallacy”

Complete as many rounds possible in 12 minutes of:

  • 300m Row (F/S/M55: 250m)
  • 15 Calorie Bike (F/S/M55: 11 Cal)
  • 200m Run

Score:  Rounds + Reps (Row=1, Bike=1, Run=1)

Event Details:

  • In a relay fashion, complete as many rounds possible in 12 minutes.
  • Only 1 athlete works at a time completing a movement and rotate the partner moving to the next movement.
    • Example:
      • Partner 1 does Row
      • Partner 2 completes Bike
      • Partner 1 completes Run = 1 Round.
      • Then Partner 2 begins the next round on the rower.
  • Athlete may set up on the next equipment but can not touch the handles or pedals until the partner tags hands. Monitors MUST be reset for each athlete.
  • The Runner will be staged touching the wall until the biker gets off and tags hands.
  • Each round is worth a total of 3 reps: Row (1), Bike (1), Run (1). Tie breaker: total meters, calories & meters of last round.   

Event 2 – “Strong Stuff”

Combined total of:

  • 1 Clean
  • 3 Front Squat
  • 1 Jerk

Score: Total Weight for both partners (including Female or M55 multiplier).   

Event Details:

  • 8 Minutes / starting every 10th minute.
  • Starting with an empty bar, use 8-minutes to build to a max effort of the Complex.
  • 1 Athlete can lift at a time, in any order.
  • Athlete must show full control at the top before dropping the bar.
  • Female athletes multiply weight achieved x 1.5.
  • Masters 55 male athletes multiply weight achieved x 1.25.
  • Masters 55 female athletes multiply weight achieved by 1.75

Event 3 – “Chipper”

Complete for time:

  • 150 Double Unders (Modify: Single Unders) / Dead Hang Hold
  • 50 Deadlifts #135/185 / Handstand Hold (Modify with Pike on Box or ground)
  • 40 Toes to Bar (Modify: Knee Tucks)  / Deadlift Hold
  • 30 Burpee over bar (Athlete must alternate every 5th rep)
  • 200m Rope/KB Carry

Event Details

  • Complete with one person working at a time, except for the Rope/KB Carry.
  • Where indicated, one partner must hang or hold. Reps are counted when partner is holding or hanging.
  • Diablo will provide Jump Rope for Single Unders modification.
  • Athletes must alternate burpees every 5th rep. Non-working partner may rest.
  • The 200m Rope/KB Carry is a partner run, with both partners holding a short rope suspending a kettlebell. 


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