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Once each month we offer a free CrossFit class for anyone of any ability. If you’d like to “try” a class before jumping in with both feet, this is your chance! 

In 1 hour, you will:

  • Get a great CrossFit workout with an experienced Diablo CrossFit coach
  • Learn about CrossFit
  • Experience the Diablo Community
1. Sign In for the next class now!

Just click on the “RSVP” button above or below!

2. Arrive A Little Early, Please

We’d like to get you checked in, show you around and introduce you to your coach. Please, bring:

  • Comfortable workout clothing. You’ll be moving!
  • A refillable water bottle! We have an water refilling station.
  • Comfortable workout shoes.
3. Relax & Have Fun! 

Our Coach will guide you through the movements and class like a pro. Whether its your 1st workout ever, or one of many this week, your coach will make sure that you get an awesome workout customized for your fitness, skills and abilities. And at the end, it’ll be high fives all around.


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1. Do I need to be in shape before starting CrossFit?

NO. Because every workout can be scaled for each individual’s fitness level, anyone can join in on the fun! We regularly have people that have literally never worked out a day in their life right next to a person who has worked out their whole life – and they are doing the exact same thing, just scaled appropriately to their respective fitness levels. The only requirements are that you have a positive attitude, a willingness to work hard, to learn new things, and have the desire and passion to let us help you reach your fitness goals. You will succeed and see great results.

2. Is CrossFit dangerous?

CrossFit, as performed in our facility, is very safe due to our three basic tenants of mechanics, consistency, and intensity. You must learn to do the movements safely and consistently before we account for varying intensity. And, you are always under the watchful eye of one of our coaches every time you step foot in the box.

In fact, “CrossFit is dangerous” is a fabricated myth that resulted from irresponsible statements and a falsified data in NSCA study. Unfortunately, the internet latched onto the statement and it became commonplace. The reality is that CrossFit Level 1,2 & 3 Coaches have been through extensive functional movement training that over emphasizes proper movement, appropriate scaling, lengthy warm-ups, mobility & stretching and proper cool downs. 

3. What should I expect if I train with you?

Training at Diablo CrossFit will produce results. We realize how busy everyone’s lives can be and know there are other places to train, so we’re not out to waste your time. Because you are committed to us for that session, we will give you the utmost professionalism and coaching, motivate you to reach your physical potential, foster team building, camaraderie, and ensure you have fun while doing it! If you are not interested in learning new things, getting in the best shape of your life, meeting new friends, working hard, and sweating, then Diablo CrossFit might not be for you.

4. How quick can I expect to see results?

It is impossible to predict exact rates at which individuals may progress. Everyone progresses at different speeds and in different ways as the body make-up has the ultimate control. Progression depends first and foremost on your commitment to the program and your training. Equally important are nutrition, sleep, gender, age, stress and health history. Our experience tells us that if you come consistently, and you have a nutrition strategy, you’ll notice significant changes in your fitness within a few weeks. And, in 6 weeks, you’ll notice significant changes to your physiology (weight, measurements and body composition).

5. What about Nutrition?

Without proper nutrition your body will not be able to withstand the workouts or activities of daily living. Regardless of your fitness goals (increased strength, weight-loss, special race/event, etc.), nutrition is the driving force behind these ambitions. Establishing proper eating patterns will not only fuel your body for the workouts, but aid in energizing it throughout your day. Failing to get your nutritional intake in check will result in slowed progress with our program. The basic concept behind eating the right things in the right portions is simple: Eat meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruits, minimal amounts of starch and NO sugar.

Diablo has one-on-one Nutrition Coaching programs available.

6. What about cardio, will I need to do extra stuff outside of the gym to keep my stamina and endurance, or to burn more fat?

NO. The idea/theory that you only need to do slow, steady state cardio exercise in order to burn fat is a fallacy. CrossFit will significantly improve your metabolic engine, allowing your body to burn more calories each day – even while resting and sleeping.

7. Will I get big muscles from this?

CrossFit builds fitness. Fitness is “increased work capacity across broad time & modal domains.” Increased fitness improves your metabolic engine – increasing your basil metabolic rate (daily calorie burn). Increased fitness includes stronger muscles – and less fat. However, muscles will not suddenly sprout from your clothing after training with weights. Increasing muscle size (hypertrophy) is a very long and arduous process that can take most people years to experience.

8. How will this help me get ready for (insert your sport or event here)?

The beauty of CrossFit is that it develops a very broad base of fitness to make you capable of handling any task that life throws your way from a Spartan Race to the Fire Academy. You will also gain the confidence in yourself to know that if you can complete a workout here, a day at work isn’t really all that tough!

9. What do I need to bring with me?

Normal workout clothes (t-shirt, shorts, comfy shoes, or no shoes). A towel and water bottle are optional but encouraged.

10. Can I come in and workout on my own?

After 6 months of CrossFit class experience, we allow Open Gym access for our members.

11. What is a typical class like?

Each class is one-hour long. We start with a dynamic group warm-up that is designed to get the blood pumping, muscles and joints lose, and get you nice and warm. Next, we devote anywhere between 10-20 minutes on our ‘skill sessions.’ These are times when we are working on specific skills (as a group) to improve our technique and/or get stronger. Depending on that day’s focus, you might see barbell work, gymnastic work, plyo boxes, kettlebells, jump rope, and even running mechanics. After that comes the ‘Workout of the Day’ or WOD. Before we yell “3…2…1…GO” we go over all the movements and offer guidance towards the proper scaling of each exercise. After answering all your questions, we start the workout and a coach is always watching each person to be sure they stay safe and motivated. After the WOD, we cool-down and stretch and then you’re free to go!

12. I’m scared/nervous/don’t think I’ll fit in…

We’ve all been there…the ‘new kid’ in class! Everyone is always open and friendly to new-comers. We promote a family-like atmosphere of support and camaraderie among our members. Someone will undoubtedly take you under their wing and help you through your introductory period. Everyone remembers what it was like at their first class and we all want to see each other succeed. Most importantly, we won’t ever have you do something that you are uncomfortable with or that is too advanced for your current fitness level.

Next Free Class: Sunday, July 12th @ 11:00AM

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