Diablo CrossFit has partnered with Paleoethics as our exclusive provider of nutrition supplements. We chose Paleoethics because the quality & diversity of their products, their commitment to 100% natural ingredients, and the elimination of fillers and other processed substances.

You can find the full range of Paleoethics supplements in our ProShop in Pleasant Hill and San Jose.  Want to try it out before you buy? We sell single-serve packets for most Paleoethics products. Some of our favorites include:

Clean Protein (Beef) – Supplement
  • Protein derived from beef muscle
  • Complete protein containing all 20 essential and non essential amino acids
  • Highly bio-available and easy on the digestive system
  • Low carbs & sugar free
  • Grass fed beef sourced from Sweden, free from hormones & antibiotics
  • $39.99


Plant Protein – Supplement
  • High concentration of protein
  • Unique blend of plant based proteins/super-foods
  • Alkaline, no soy, no rice, no bloating
  • No sugar or carbs
  • High in glutamine & branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs)
  • $29.99


Surge – Pre-Workout
  • Surge is free of artificial stimulants
  • Surge is made from good CLEAN ingredients that provide nourishment and energy
  • Great source of natural antioxidants
  • No Crash & No Jitters.
  • Beet root extract
  • Great Natural Fat Utilization and mobilization blend
  • $29.99


Organic Greens – Daily Vitality
  • Organic Greens help balance PH and regulate alkalinity in the body
  • 1 scoop is the equivalent of 8 servings of fruits and vegetables
  • 100% certified organic ingredients
  • Certified gluten free
  • Great source of natural electrolytes from coconut water
  • True alkaline product designed to help balance PH and create an alkaline environment
  • Grass Free
  • $29.99


Recovery Matrix & Vegan Recovery Matrix – Nightime Nutrition
  • Zinc & magnesium coming from whole food sources
  • A natural anti-anxiety remedy from premium ingredients
  • Improved REM sleep, hormone production & regulation
  • Consumed hot, improving bioavailability by 30%
  • $29.99


Aquaomega – Omega 3 Fish Oil
  • High potency fish oil
  • The most concentrated triglyceride fish oil available on the global market
  • Omega-3 fatty acids sourced certifiably and exclusively from anchovies in the South Pacific
  • All fish are fresh and processed within a few hours of being caught
  • Patented extraction and molecular distillation process
  • $29.99


For more information on Paleoethics, visit their website & blog at  www.paleoethics.com or stop by our box.