Diablo CrossFit is OPEN for Indoor Classes!  New Members Welcome.

⇒ 60,000 cubic feet of air & 3000sf of space for 14 people per class.

⇒ No Shared Equipment!

  > 25 Concept2 Rowers
  > 20 Assault Bikes
  > 15 Concept2 Bikes
  > 20+ Squat Racks & Barbells
  > 40+ Pull-Up Stations

⇒ Dedicated 10′ x 10′ Workout Spaces

⇒ Negative Air Pressure Ceiliing Ventilation & Multiple Warehouse Fans

⇒ Temperature Checks

⇒ CO2 Monitors

⇒ Hygienic Room Fogging System

⇒ Post-Workout Equipment Sanitization

⇒ Limited Class Sizes


√  Always Maintain Safe-Distance
√  Wait outside until class or session start time 
√  Check your temperature before entering (above 99.5 – go home, recover)
√  Wear a mask in the lobby 
√  Maximum Allowable Time In Gym: 90 minutes (includes Open Gym)
√  Cleaning equipment after use


Diablo CrossFit is located at 2447 Estand Way in Pleasant Hill. Our 12,000 square feet facility is a former storage warehouse with ample open floor space, 20’ high ceilings, large garage doors, industrial fans and minimal equipment. Members can enter and exit via separate 15’-wide garage doors with physical contact of any kind (doors or human). They are able to proceed to designated exercise areas, each with its own equipment that will be sanitized after each use.

CrossFit & weightlifting classes inherently require safe-distance separation due to the type of equipment and exercises in use. Most of our workouts require the use of a barbell, which is 7’ wide. Additional equipment includes kettlebells, dumbbells and plyometric boxes, which all require safe-distancing in order to prevent injuries. A typical CrossFit or Weightlifting class at Diablo CrossFit has on average 10 participants, each with more than 10’ of separation between athletes. Diablo CrossFit has been practicing safe-distancing in our classes since our inception.


In order to meet our objectives to prevent transmission of COVID-19 within our facility Diablo CrossFit will minimize direct human interactions and physical contact with shared facilities. We will also implement and enforce strict cleaning procedures to prevent direct contact with the virus.

  • Limited Attendance – we will limit attendance within our facilities to maintain at least 10’ of safe-distance between members (see map & diagram). Classes will be restricted to a maximum 14 participants. We will be open 16 hours a day.
  • Advance Check-In Required – Diablo CrossFit has a mobile app that allows members to reserve AND check-in to all classes on their phones.
  • Temperature Checks – Upon entry, all members MUST check their temperature. Above 99.5 will not be permitted to enter.
  • 15 Minutes Transition Time Between Classes – All classes will be separated by 15 minutes on the schedule to allow time for cleaning and the departure of members prior to the next class.
  • Clear Paths Of Travel For Social Distancing – Diablo CrossFit is installing brightly-colored signs to direct members to the appropriate place for exercise or exit safely. Signs will be installed at each entry or exit or passage (see map & diagram).
  • Designated Workout Areas – we will use professional floor tape to mark appropriate workout areas for our members. Employee coaches will monitor and manage the use of each space.
  • Access to Sinks & Bathrooms – Diablo CrossFit has 4 restrooms with sinks and liquid disinfectant soap dispensers. We will establish clear paths of travel to provide adequate space for safe-distancing.
  • Access to Sanitation Supplies – Diablo has always provided hygienic wipes for our members to clean equipment after use. We have ample supplies to re-open. Additionally, we will provide access to disinfectant spray bottles and paper towels for extraordinary situations. 
  • Cleaning & Sanitization Policies – all members will be required to wipe down all equipment used after each class or workout. Additionally, Diablo staff members will wipe down all equipment during large breaks between classes. All Diablo staff will wear appropriate facemasks while on duty.
  • Monitoring, Enforcement & Reporting – Diablo CrossFit will have a manager or owner on site during all open hours to provide supervision and direction. Weekly emails will be sent to all members to provide updates on our business and direction for the following week. We will ask all of our members to voluntarily report a positive test for COVID-19 so that we may alert City and County officials as well as our community.
At the end of every week, we’ll meet with our coaches and staff to review our plan and new policies to determine if standards are being met or, if changes need to be made for improvement.