Hector DeLeon
    Hector DeLeon


    Hector grew up in the Eastbay. After changing to a career that required him to be in good physical condition, he started training at Berkeley Krav Maga. He achieved his Level 1 Certification, but wanted more out of his physical fitness. With the recommendation of 3 of his co-workers he stopped by Diablo CrossFit. Not only was he impressed with the high level of fitness and knowledge at the Shed, but the level of camaraderie and intensity that he had not experience since the academy. He was instantly hooked.

    Training at Diablo CrossFit has also given him a better General Physical Preparedness (GPP) to successfully test for specialized teams within his agency and compete in individual competitions. Hector loves learning through books, videos and certifications, but more importantly he loves teaching what the new knowledge he acquires.

    CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer
    CrossFit Level 2 (CF-L2) Trainer
    CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer
    CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer
    CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer
    CrossFit Endurance Trainer
    CrossFit Striking Trainer
    CrossFit Defense Trainer
    CrossFit Strongman Trainer
    CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
    CrossFit Football Trainer
    USAW Club Coach
    USA Track and Field Certification Attendee
    Law Enforcement Fitness Specialist (Cooper’s Institute)
    CPR, AED, & First Aid Certificate