Jamie Lee
    Jamie Lee

    Coach / CrossFit Games Athlete

    Jamie was born and raised here in the East Bay. Grew up wrestling for the Pleasant Hill Wrestling Club, which is were his athletic background began. After wrestling he got into Cross Country and Downhill mountain bike racing in search of some type of competition outlet. One of the personal trainers at his old gym talked him into doing “Fran” (which is one of CrossFits benchmark workouts). After that workout he was hooked. He started following the CrossFit Main Site, CrossFit Journal, then became a CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer. Not only is it his outlet for his competition, but it is his tool to help teach people how to move and be healthy. Jamie says,”Competitions are a lot of fun, but the feeling I get when someone does there first pull up or picks up a lot of weight when they thought they couldn’t is way more satisfying for me.”

    Before CrossFit Jamie Lee was a Personal trainer at a local Health Club. Once he was introduced to CrossFit, he knew that it was the most efficient way to teach Fitness to anyone new to it and to experienced Athletes. It is very difficult to do CrossFit at a “Globo Gym”, due to the lack of functional equipment, not to mention that the big globo gyms do not allow heavy strength training, because dropping weights is a distraction to the other members. Thats when Jamie decided to branch out and opened his own CrossFit Affiliate (CrossFit Burn), where he received some great experience. After running and programming for his own gym, Jamie closed his gym and joined the Diablo CrossFit Family. Jamie says, “I love it here, it is such a great atmosphere, and I am receiving all the Support I need to share CrossFit with our community”.

    CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer
    CrossFit Level 2 (CF-L2) Trainer
    CrossFit Movement & Mobility Trainer
    CrossFit Strongman Trainer
    Charles Staley Olympic Weightlifting Certificate
    CPR, AED, & First Aid Certificate
    CrossFit Burn Affiliate Owner (Joined Diablo in 2011)
    2011 NorCal Regional Qualifier
    2012 CrossFit Games Team 3rd Place
    2013 NorCal Regional Team 2nd Place
    2013 CrossFit Games Team 8th Place
    2015 California Regionals Team 5th Place
    2015 CrossFit Games Team 28th Place
    2016 Golden State Games Team 1st Place
    2016 California Regional Team 1st Place
    2016 CrossFit Games Team 9th Place