Joby Brava
    Joby Brava

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    Joby was born in New York, spent most of her summers in the Dominican Republic (as all kids of Dominican families do) and at 16 moved to SoCal. As a child and through high school she dabbled in many sports such as indoor soccer, swimming, gymnastics, softball, and cross country running. While going to college and working as a Medical Assistant there was no time for sports and decided to take up dance. The awareness of her love of body movement led her to leave her studies of Chinese Medicine and start a career as a Latin Dancer. She ran one of the most successful Salsa dance companies for 10 years and is a pioneers in what is known as  “L.As Style Salsa”. Joby’s career gave her the opportunity to travel to more than 45 countries, all over the U.S. and as an accomplished choreographer/dancer to the stars in Hollywood.

    In 2004, she decided to make a shift to focus less on her career and more on her husband and daughter. Feeling the rut of 20 years of dance she discovered her passion for the gym and started her fitness journey. She began with a few years of training under a body builder, went to circuit training and kickboxing and ended up as a Zumba/dance fitness instructor to kids and adults for 3 years. As her husband was a Marine this moved them from SoCal to Georgia and then to Florida where as a family they found CrossFit. CrossFit has been the pinnacle point in fueling her fire to the rest of her life. As Joby enjoys pushing her boundaries she took up CrossFit competitively as a hobby and uses her gains in her adventures that range anywhere from running a Spartan race to hiking the Machu Picchu trail in Peru.
    When moving to NorCal she joined the administrative team at Diablo by working the front desk. Joby proudly shares the story to all those who are considering joining Diablo CrossFit. “When I first moved here, I visited 6 different Crossfit gyms before deciding on one. Diablo intimidated the heck out of me, even after 4 years of experience but you know what sold me? The Coaches! They care about your progress and what you as an individual need help with.” Even on their off time, if they walk by and see you need help. They will not hesitate to step in. That to me is priceless.”

    While working on her goal to make it to the Master Qualifier now at 50 Joby feels it’s never to late to pursue your passions especially when you have such a support system such as the Diablo Community. “If you want to be great, surround yourself with greatness!”