Levi Beckett
    Levi Beckett

    Coach / Customer Service

    Levi’s journey began in the small state of West Virginia where he was born and raised. Levi grew up playing a variety of sports and always enjoyed the challenges sports provided. Once getting into high school Levi made the decision to focus all of his efforts on football as his dream was to go as far as he could with it. After high school he went on to play football at Indiana University for some time. After spending time playing Big Ten football he decided that he was ready to start a new chapter in his life as what was once his dream was no longer his passion. He vividly remembers his first exposure to CrossFit as it occurred coming home from college on a particular weekend. Levi recalls he came home from lunch on a Sunday afternoon just before having to head back to school. He sat down to watch TV for a few minutes and this thing called the “CrossFit Games” were on ESPN. After what was suppose to be just a few minutes turned into a couple hours of fascination watching all of the episodes. It was at that moment when Levi’s new passion was ignited. After finishing the school year he came home for the summer and tried CrossFit for the first time that very next week. It only took one workout for Levi to realize that this was his new path and the rest was history. Levi saw CrossFit as a way to express his passion for health, fitness, and wellness and help others in their journey of achieving optimal health. Levi loves the community that CrossFit has created and how it brings out the best in everyone regardless of where they are in their health journey.

    CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer
    Certified Health Coach – Institute of Integrative Nutrition
    Movement & Mobility Specialist – MobilityWOD
    CPR, AED, & First Aid Certificate