Paige Sousa

Paige Sousa


Paige grew up In the Central Valley of California where she dabbled in multiple sports: gymnastics, softball, track and field, dance and basketball. Basketball took over her life around age 13 when she gave up all other sports to focus on it year round. After 13 years of school and competitive traveling basketball, Paige finished up her second and final season of Junior College play in 2011. She immediately entered the coaching world the same year for her former high school girls’ basketball team. in 2012, she was hired as an assistant coach for Modesto Junior College, where she was still attending as student. She spent two years coaching there before leaving to finish her degree.

During this time, Paige began to focus on fitness at a globo-gym; becoming a fan of bodybuilding style training. But without a competitive atmosphere, this soon lost its appeal and she joined a local gym who specialized in training college football players in 2012. It was there she learned how to use fitness to become more athletic and powerful, being introduced to the clean and jerk. (Which is still her favorite lift and first true love.)

When Paige moved San Jose to complete her degree at SJSU, the only similar option of training that let her drop weights and compete with the guys was CrossFit.

Since becoming a member of Diablo Crossfit Moxie in 2014, Paige has become fully intoxicated by the “kool-aid,” despite a traumatic lesson on high intensity with a 1k row time trial on her first day. She competed in her first RX team competition just 4 months after joining. Since then, she has competed in Olympic weightlifting meets and several other local Crossfit competitions in the South Bay Area.

Paige’s background of coaching led her to ditch her original career path of Professional and Technical Writing and get her Crossfit Level 1 certification at the Ranch in 2016. She also plans on completing her CF Weightlifting and USAW certifications in the future. Paige values the community of CrossFit more than anything, believing the power of people sweating together and supporting each other is what truly makes CrossFit more than just a strength and conditioning program.

CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 (CF-L2) Trainer
CPR, AED, & First Aid Certificate