The Week Ahead 4.29.19

A Look At The Week Ahead 4.29.19

Quick Review:  What a week! Workouts were challenging last week – and fun. Make sure you take a day off if you’re feeling run down or overly sore. And ALWAYS talk to your class coach if you’re nursing an injury.

The Gymnastic clinics were full and full of great information. Thank you, Coach Travis. So, what’s next? Email your requests to

TWO SPOTS LEFT for Success Rx’d beginning on Mon, May 29th at 6:30PM! LINK

May Programming Progressions

  • Primary: Back Squat
  • Secondary: Horizontal Press (& Pull)
  • Skill: “Murph” prep (push-ups, pull-ups, & endurance)

Check out the May Progressions Video  video (& subscribe to our Progressive Programming YouTube Channel!) with Coach Jamie Lee and Craig Howard

Programming Highlights This Week (be sure to check SugarWOD for details)

  • Mon: 5 Rnds of Bike + Rope Climb + Push Ups
  • Wed: Beach day (bench press & dumbbell rows) then a Devil PressMetcon
  • Thu: ‘Murph Prep & a cool 8m AMRAP of Power Cleans and Burp over Box.
  • Fri: Back Squat! – then a Bike, Push Press, Row metcon
  • Sat: Long metcon with running, kbs and Knees-to-elbow
  • Sun: 18 min metcon with HSPUs, Deadlifts and Sandbag Carries.

Events – LOTS of stuff happening!

  • May 2 – 6: CrossFit Games Age Group Online Qualifier
  • May 5th AM:  Devil Mountain Run – have you registered yet!? 5k, 10k or Mile of Truth
  • May 5th – 4:30 PM: Diablo Adventure Club, Apex Parkour Gym Trip – Always a blast!
  • May 18 – 10:00 AM: OUTWOD at CrossFit Moxie
  • May 27: ‘Murph at Diablo (BBQ to follow)
  • June 1: Diablo Adventure Club, American River Rafting Trip – email Coach Jennifer
  • June 8: Moxie Mania Partner Comp – this should be a fun one!
  • June 15: Diablo Intra Gym Comp (DATE CHANGE!!)
  • June 28: Nor Cal Classic Competition in Sacramento

Craig’s List
Sleep Is the Most Productive Part of the Day, Markham Heid. “Most people need 7 to 9 hours to perform and feel their best.” No matter how many times we hear it, many of us fail to heed the advice. However, more and more clinical research is being published on this subject. In our own house, our daughter began homeschooling in 2019, which included allowing her to sleep as long as she desires (vs. rising at 7AM for class). The dramatic, positive changes in her behavior, work ethic and attention span can mostly be attributed to her improved sleep. It has been remarkable.

Markham’s article hits ALL of the key points. “Sleep is an evolutionary function that seems to be extremely important for our health and survival”.

Games of Thrones:  OF COURSE!

Make it a great week,