Custom Nutrition Coaching


Diablo CrossFit has experienced nutrition coaches and effective nutrition coaching programs to help you achieve the outcome you desire. As a CrossFit affiliate, we strongly support the principle that nutrition is the foundation for a healthy and fit life.  Our nutrition programs focus on building sustainable, healthy nutrition habits that last a lifetime.


Everyone has unique needs & wants regarding nutrition which fall into 3 major categories:  health, appearance and performance. Ultimately, a diet that includes healthy proteins, carbohydrates and fats is essential to achieving one’s desired outcome.  We know that everyone has a unique lifestyle, personal tastes, and individual physical responses to foods. And, we respect individual personalities: some people want to manage the details and understand the numbers (macros), while others may want simple visual guidelines to follow. So we’re committed to creating a personalized strategy that is designed around your lifestyle and unique needs that achieves your desired outcome for health, appearance and performance.


Our process begins with YOU: once you have made a decision to focus on improving your nutrition intake, we are ready to help. First you’ll complete an online client application to help your Coach understand your desired outcome, your current nutrition intake and your previous experiences with nutrition coaching. Then, your Coach will meet with you to talk about the process and answer your questions. If it’s a good match, we’ll recommend one of our programs.


Choose your commitment: 1 Month or 3 Months.

We offer a personalized, nutrition coaching program with an experienced Diablo coach. Cutting calories or “eating clean” can yield different outcomes for each person. Your Diablo coach can help you dial in a nutrition “strategy” that works best for your body, your lifestyle and your schedule. Our programs include two, one-on-one sessions in-person or on the phone each month of your program (1 or 3 months). These sessions may include:
  • An introduction or review of healthy eating habits, meal planning & food preparation
  • Comprehensive Body Composition Test on the Inbody 570
  • An analysis your current nutrition
  • Review of your food logs and progress
  • Designing a custom nutrition program for YOU.
  • Setting measurable and realistic goals for a healthy-eating lifestyle
  • A follow up Body Composition Test on the Inbody 570 to measure bodyfat loss
After each session, be sure to schedule your next comprehensive one-on-one session. These packages also include periodic email, text or phone conversations to help keep you on track with your plan and on target to achieve your nutrition goals.
ALL of the private coaching sessions must be used within their selected period and cannot be carried over.

Nutrition 1 Month

$ 150
2x 60m Consultations
Text & Email Check-ins

Nutrition 3 Months

$ 399
2x 60m Consultations
Text & Email Check-ins