“Must be a Bad-Ass.”

We take fitness seriously and we demand a lot of our coaches and our support team. Our primary goal is to provide an amazing class experience for our members. Thus, our Coaches & support team must be “bad-ass” at what they do: Coaching & Service!

Every coach on our staff, including the owners, were doing CrossFit on their own before becoming a coach with Diablo. Our coaches know what the customer experience is like because they were all clients. They are passionate about fitness, nutrition and the CrossFit methodology. They constantly devour information, videos, books, and blogs on everything related to fitness, nutrition and CrossFit. They pursue new Certifications every year. They compete regularly in CrossFit competitions, triathlons, obstacle course events, 10ks, and more. Their reward is your results. Go ahead, ask them. Better yet, challenge them. They’ll exceed your expectation, guaranteed.



Rick Nolley