Freedom. Rx+. 2nd Act. 99yo Weightlifting Record holder. The Week Ahead 8.09.21

Progressive Programming CEO & Diablo Coach Jamie Lee with his portable Assistant, Coach Anderson.

Every day of our lives, we are on the verge of making those slight changes that would make all the difference. Mignon McLaughlin
Freedom, Fresh Air & Social Distance  Let me start by saying that vaccines work and masks can help reduce the spread. I also strongly believe in freedom of choice and the right to decide what goes into one’s body (especially if a company profits from the decision). There are multiple ways to make access to businesses safe for customers and prevent the spread of a virus. Diablo has essentially proven a successful method: continuously circulating fresh air monitored by C02 Monitors coupled with limited class sizes and social distancing. We have had more than 60,000 in-person, in-doors visits and ZERO CV cases reported from our facility. We have had 3 members report infection from other sources. And, because we use mandatory attendance tracking software, we were able to notify other members who may have been in the same class or area. In all three cases, no other members or staff were infected.
I developed our protocols with a significant amount of research including conversations with MDs, and an HVAC specialist. Fresh air circulation can be measured and “re-breathed air” can be calculated. We do that. Thus, masks and vaccination checks are not required at Diablo.
Will every business do what we do? No. Thus, consumers should act accordingly to protect themselves. We all have consumed enough data, had multiple chances to vaccinate and, we’ve certainly had plenty of time to learn about the virus and how it is transmitted. Make the best choice for you.
Meanwhile, Diablo CrossFit will continue to be the best resource to improve your physical and mental health to make you more resilient to metabolic disease and other illnesses. And, no masks or vaccination cards are required.
RX+ & Masters RX+  Coach Jamie Lee has created Rx+ workouts and accessory training for Progressive Programming! Diablo is testing the beta version this month on Sugarwod. Rx+ programming essentially scales UP the daily workout and adds some accessory work. It is designed for athletes that want to take their CrossFit to the competitive level. Diablo also has Rx+ & Masters Rx+ classes on the weekend. Rx+ (Anejo) class is on Saturday at 12PM and Master Rx+ is on Sunday at the same time. Both classes have performance requirements in order to participate. If you’re interested, check with any Diablo coach for more information. Performance requirements are listed on the class on the Diablo app.
Row’d Royalty Summer Splash  RR Summer Splash begins August 26! Summer Splash is only 1 weekend – but, we’ll be announcing 3 total workouts that must be completed by Monday, Aug 30th. Registration is only $10. Cash prizes will be awarded for the top three athletes in all age groups and divisions. You can register here!
Diablo Business Mixer: “2nd Act”  – Our members represent many different businesses, services and professions. On Friday, Aug 13 at 7PM, we’re going to host a business networking mixer at Diablo for Diablo members. If your business/service is local and you’d like to do more with our Diablo community, come say hello and talk to some amazing people. I’ll kick off the keynote on this one with a brief talk on starting a side business and a “2nd Act” career.
TWEET OF THE WEEK:  “Masks, vaccines.. that’s your decision, not ours. Doors open. Fans on. Workouts happening.” @diablocrossfit
August Focus: Technical Strength (check out the video!)

  • Primary: Squat Snatch
  • Secondary: Front Squat + Jerk
  • Skill: Ring Muscle Ups & Lunge Variations

The week ahead:

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Hearing, Watching, Using or Buying)
CNN – What you should know about the most underrated form of exercise. My friend and awesome nutrition coach, Jason Falcon is a big proponent of walking to keep the metabolism going. I enjoy morning & nightly walks with my dogs – and am certain that they are a very big component to staying lean. My morning walk is always in a fasted state (black coffee & water only). My nightly walk is a great mental “cool down” and certainly contributes to quality sleep.
Meet The Nonagenarian Who Is A Record Breaking Weightlifter – NPR  “ At 99, Murway, who lives in Tampa, Fla., recently set a Guinness World Record for oldest competitive powerlifter. “I lifted 150 pounds,” she told Morning Edition. “And that was a deadlift off the ground.”  Get this: SHE STARTED AT AGE 91!!
Make it an awesome week!