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“The past cannot be cured.”   Elizabeth I
MOST OF US NEED MORE PROTEIN Most macronutrient nutrition programs (“Macros”) almost always prescribe more protein intake in order to effectively change body composition. Protein is essential to building muscle which then increases the thermogenic burn rate of calories which leads to fat loss. And, when people eat more protein, they usually crave less carbohydrates & fat. So, why do most of us not eat enough protein?  Likely because most of us consume excessive carbohydrates. Carbs are more readily available and usually ready-to-eat or drink. Most carbs & fat dense foods taste amazing. Carbs are the most likely snack food choice. And, most proteins take time to prepare.
So, how much protein should you consume daily? Most experts recommend a minimum protein intake of ⅓ your bodyweight (pounds) in grams (of protein). If you’re working out, especially lifting weights, then increase your protein intake (grams) to ½ of you body weight (pounds). For example, a 150lb CrossFitter should consume 75g of protein per day.  For reference, a 4oz serving of chicken (palm size) has about 30g of protein. In the example above, a 150lb CrossFit athlete would have to consume 2.5 palm size pieces of chicken a day. For some, that may be a difficult task, especially if time is a premium. Thus, protein supplementation may be necessary.
The easiest way to increase daily protein is protein powder supplements. There are many types of protein supplements available: whey (the most common), beef, and pea or plant. The key is to find the protein that is easily digestible and tastes good. Diablo carries two proteins: our own private label whey and SFH whey isolate. I add 1.5 scoops of Diablo protein to my oatmeal or a beef broth shake every day. This gives me a 30g protein “head start” on the day. It tastes amazing and is easily digested.
If you have protein questions, ask any of our coaches for input. They’ll have great insight as well.
DIABLO FALL CLASSIC- IN-HOUSE OLY COMP SEP 26 – First timers and experienced lifters ALL encouraged to participate. This is a fun weightlifting experience. Coaches Jamie Lee and Carrie Olson will be leading our Fall Classic Olympic Lifting Competition on Sunday, September 26th. All athletes are welcome. Registration is OPEN on the Diablo app.
TWEET OF THE WEEK:  “A great coach makes the athlete fall in love with the sport & the training, not the coach.”
September Focus:

  • Primary: Olympic Lifting Totals – Snatch + Clean & Jerk
  • Secondary: Back Squat
  • Skill: Bar Muscle Ups

The week ahead:

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Hearing, Watching, Using or Buying)
Joe Rogan & Dr. Rhonda Patrick #1701 – This is RP’s 10th visit to the show and it was entertaining and informative as usual. I’m about halfway through. Rhonda Patrick is trying the Ketogenic diet in order to improve her physical health and improve mental clarity but, she’s finding it very challenging. Achieving “ketosis” is NOT easy and she feels most people on this diet are likely not there. She also dives into sauna & cold plunge use and positive effects on health. Good stuff!
Multiple Studies Reveal The Impact of Exercise vs. Covid-19 – Unfortunately I saw this great piece on Instagram and cannot locate the original video. Shawn Stevenson has a great YouTube channel & website: “The Model Health”. He discusses several research studies on CV19 outcomes for patients who exercise. It’s pretty revealing.
Vitamin D May May Help You Hold Your Pee!   Researchers in Israel performed a review of past studies that had been performed related to overactive bladder, urinary incontinence, pelvic floor disorders, and lower urinary tract symptoms.  Of the studies they reviewed, six out of seven had concluded that the onset and severity of urinary incontinence was significantly linked with Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency. Two other randomized controlled trials had found that Vitamin D can be effective at treating urinary incontinence.
Make it an awesome week!