Obesity Lynchpin! PJ Party. Deads In Dec. Pavel Pummels 100k. TWA 11.29.21

Thank you to all our members and their friends and family who participated in our annual “Totally Unofficial Turkey Trot”! This year’s event was one of the largest in our history – a testament to the strength of our amazing Diablo community!

Fructose turns out to be used by animals as a mechanism to store fat.”   Rick Johnson

** REQUIRED LISTENING!!  FRUCTOSE & OBESITY **  If you have ANY interest in fitness, weight loss or more importantly, ending obesity & diabetes especially among children then this is REQUIRED listening. I listen to a LOT of podcasts & read a ton of content on health, fitness & chronic disease, and I was blown away by this incredibly informative and very revealing discussion between Peter Attia, MD and Rick Johnson, MD, professor of nephrology at the University of Colorado and author of the book, “The Fat Switch” originally aired Jan 6, 2020.

After listening to this podcast, it is easier to understand the obesity epidemic, the rapid spread of Diabetes II and especially, childhood obesity. We MUST dramatically cut the consumption of sugar, especially fructose – including fruit juices (!!) and sodas.  

Podcast on YouTube –  If you want to jump to the meat of this discussion, here are some key points:

  • IT’S IN OUR GENES! An ancient mutation in apes (12 million years ago) enabled the rapid conversion of fructose (found in ripened fruit) into fat in order to survive winters or famine. [23:00]
  • What are glucose, fructose and sugar? [19:30]
  • How sugar causes obesity—explaining the difference in glucose vs. fructose metabolism and the critical pathway induced by fructose [40:00]
  • Why drinking sugar is worse than eating it [50:00]
  • Unique ability of sugar to drive oxidative stress to the mitochondria, insulin resistance, and diabetes [54:00];
  • Why cancer loves fructose [1:00:20];
  • How excess glucose (i.e., high carb diets) can cause problems even in the absence of fructose [1:21:00];
  • Artificial sweeteners vs. real sugar—which is better? [1:29:15];
  • Fructose consumption—Is any amount acceptable? Is fruit okay? Where does Rick draw a hard line? [1:38:45]
  • How does Rick manage the sugar intake of his young kids? [1:43:00]

DIABLO HOLIDAY PARTY DATE CONFIRMED! Hold the date: Saturday, December 18th at 6:30PM. We’ll be at Diablo for this one with a “Holiday Pajamas” theme. We’ll have BBQ & drinks, games, music and fun. And, we’ll be announcing our 2021 Tom Jones Award winner.

100KMC Challenge – Pavel Hits 100k in a Day! Pavel Milanov hit 1,000,000 meters last year with an amazing performance. This year, he wanted to “one-up” himself and hit 100,000 meters in a day. So, we gave him access to the gym and he arrived at 4:00AM on the day after Thanksgiving and by 3:00PM, he logged 100,000 meters, switching between the rower and the Assault Bike. Amazing performance. One other Diablo athlete accomplished this feat in 2019: Cynthia Pammett, who swam and ran her way to 100k. Well done Pavel!

Diablo’s 100KMC Events:

  • Friday Night at the Movies – 7:30PM Main Gym –  12/3, 12/10, 12/17
  • Sunday Rise & Shine – 6:30AM Main Gym – 12/5, 12/12, 12/19
  • Aerobic Capacity – Holiday Class: Tuesdays 8am-9am and 7pm-8pm 11/30 – 12/23

Tweet of the Week:  We should worry more about the obesity variant, the diabetes variant and heart disease variant. After all, they are the most deadly.

December Focus:  Calendar –  Newsletter

  • Primary:  Deadlift!
  • Secondary: Shoulder to Overhead
  • Skill: Couplets, Triplets, Quads – Task Oriented Focus

The week ahead:

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Make it a great week!