What Now? Indys-Teams-Masters-Teens. Do You Even Stretch? Mr. Beast is amazing. Ukraine Explained. “What is Fitness?” audio. TWA 3.14.22

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

END OF THE OPEN – WHAT NOW?  For most of us the Open is over and we can get back to our regularly scheduled classes. Frankly, I love the Open, but I am very happy to be back fitnessing with friends in class. However, I do want to get better – even after 17 years of CrossFit. The Open is a great annual test of my fitness. And, I discovered some weaknesses. So, I plan to work on those weaknesses and get better so that next year, I’m not laying on the floor upset at myself for not being able to do wall walks faster, or standing under a pull up bar mad that I can’t link my chest-to-bar pull ups. 

The most important thing is to show up consistently and especially, on those days when the workout has movements that we don’t like or can’t do. The next thing to do is practice – regularly. Some skills in CrossFit require regular practice in order to achieve success and efficiency. And finally, we must seek help from a coach if we are unable to make progress on our own. One Private Training session per month to work on your weaknesses will make a world of difference in your performance and boost your confidence.

To summarize: Show up. Practice. Get Coached. 

INDYS – MASTERS – TEENS – TEAMS Over the next several weekends, you’ll likely see Diablo athlete competing again as they move on to the next stage of competition: the Quarterfinals. Next week, I’ll post up the Diablo members who will be moving on. Watch the leaderboard this week!

  • Individual Quarterfinals (Top 25% in the Region):  Mar 24-27
  • Team Quarterfinals (Top 25% in Region): Apr 7-10
  • Masters/Teens (Top 10% in World): Apr 21-24

DO YOU EVEN STRETCH BRO?  Diablo members have access to daily ROMWOD mobility & meditation workouts on Sugarwod! Just click on “Workout of the Day” and change it to “ROMWOD” and you’ll see a video of the day. Some are longer than others – usually 15-20mins. Just 2 days a week of Romwod will dramatically improve your flexibility and mobility. 

TWEET OF THE WEEK  Why is the CFG Open so meaningful? For most of us, there is no other time in our lives when our peers will gather around to wildly & passionately encourage us to a previously unimaginable physical effort and then, emotionally congratulate us after we give it our all.

WORKOUTS –  March Focus:  Calendar  /   Newsletter  

Attn: Diablo Workout Scaling Matches CrossFit.  Masters weight scaling now starts at age 55 – the same age that CF scales for the Open. 

The week ahead: 

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Hearing, Watching, Using or Buying)

Impress Your Kids (and be blown away) – Listen To This One: Joe Rogan & Mr. Beast:  I’ve heard of Mr. Beast via my daughter. He is literally the KING of YouTube, the most followed and most viewed YouTuber with more than 100 million subscribers. He is 23 years old. He started his video posts at age 11. His story is amazing and an inspiration for everyone. I guarantee you that your kids have seen his work and know him well. His work ethic is mind-blowing. His creativity is unmatched. His passion is inspiring. And, most of all, his humility and desire to help others are jaw-dropping. 

Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer – Sep 2015  I’ve watched the Russian invasion of Ukraine with dismay and sadness, and admittedly, ignorance. Recently I’ve started to do some research into the invasion and the history of the conflict between Ukraine & Russia – and our interests and involvement. Diablo member Ginni Ring sent me this excellent YouTube lecture by Jon Mearsheimer, Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago. It is fascinating and really clear. Interestingly, he said that he thought that Putin would not escalate the situation by invading Ukraine because of their past experiences in Afghanistan. There is no political agenda nor political blame assigned – it’s simply a clear analysis of the situation and Russia’s position. Watch this video and you will be well-informed of the situation

What Is Fitness – Greg Glassman. Audio Version by Matt Souza. My friend, Matt Souza, the owner of CF Livermore read the this CrossFit Journal from October 2002. This document is the beginning of the movement led to 15,000 affiliates around the world. Listen on your next long drive!

Make it an awesome week!