Congrats Coach Sandra! CF vs CFG. Tesla Truck. Mayhem. TWA 05.13.24

Happy Mothers Day!
Coach Sandra and husband, Achim welcomed their son, Killian, to the world on May 8th. Mom & baby are at home and doing very well. 

You take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing, no one to blame.”  Erica Jong

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CROSSFIT VS. THE CROSSFIT GAMES  As we get deep into the competition season with CrossFit there is some discussion within the global community that the CrossFit Games are a distraction from and misrepresentation of what we do best within our affiliates: improving physical & mental health including, curing chronic disease. Certainly, the worldwide Open is a distraction from affiliates’ day-to-day operations a few days a week for three weeks. And, during the competitive stages of the competition, social media coverage of CrossFit is predominately tilted toward the athletes, the competition events and of course, the outcomes of those events.

Given the increased attention on the events of the CrossFit Games season, do the affiliates and their communities suffer? Are the CrossFit methodology, brand and business negatively affected? The short answer is “no”.  On the contrary, in my opinion, CrossFit, its affiliates and the community benefit significantly from the CrossFit Games and the surrounding media coverage. Here’s why:
  1. The CrossFit Games are the ultimate manifestation of the definition of fitness: “increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains.” Virtually all other fitness competitions are designed for “specialists” (athletes who specialize in one modal or time domain):  Olympic Lifting, Marathons, Triathlons, Strongman, Power Lifting, Track & Field, Swimming, etc. Even the Decathlon omits weightlifting and gymnastics. Truly, the winners of the CrossFit Games can claim the title of “Fittest on Earth.”
  2. Competition in CrossFit is only possible because it is “measurable, observable, and repeatable” – a key tenet of the CrossFit methodology. Every single day, in every CrossFit class around the world, athletes are completing workouts for time, load, distance, or repetitions. And, because CrossFit is measurable, observable and repeatable, we have immediate, concrete feedback on our fitness performance and ultimately, our health. Thus, the Open becomes and annual test of our fitness that we share with our incredible global community. 
  3. CrossFit Games athletes represent a dedicated and disciplined adherence to comprehensive training programs, extensive recovery protocols, and nutrition management while under the guidance of professional coaching. Their efforts inspire others to do the same. 
  4. The CrossFit Games creates fans of the sport AND the methodology.  CrossFit Games competitions and the athletes are relatable and very entertaining. Most of us can relate to the suffering of the athletes, the challenge of the events, the frustration of failure, and the epic thrill of success when things go well. A fan of the sport is almost always a passionate participant in the methodology.
  5. The CFG attracts media, sponsors and public attention. The growth of CrossFit is dependent upon the entire community: affiliate members, garage-gym CrossFitters, CFG athletes, CFG sponsors, content creators and media. Awareness of a brand is the first step to creating a customer. Knowledge of the methodology is next. And, experiencing the magic is the last step to creating a lifetime customer. 
At the end of the day, the Games serves a purpose: demonstrate the ultimate potential of human performance and create fans of the sport and methodology. Ironically, despite the awesome thrill of CrossFit competitions – as athletes and fans – virtually ALL CrossFit affiliate owners and coaches will tell you that their biggest thrills are the accomplishments of their clients: overcoming fears, new PRs, losing weight, coming off of medications, or just having a great workout of the day. Changing lives for the better: this is the magic of CrossFit. 

MURPH IS COMING! Coach Jamie Lee is programming “Murph Prep” workouts each week to help us get ready for Memorial Day ‘Murph!  Murph is a 1 mile run, 100 Pull Ups, 200 Push Ups, 300 Squats and a 1 mile run. But, many people ask, is there anything else I can do to prepare?  Try these:

  • Accumulate 50 push ups every day – break them up throughout the day. 
  • Make ring rows part of your warm up every time you come to Diablo!
  • Saturday & Sundays are squat days!  Knock out 100 – 200 squats over two days.

ROW’D ROYALTY 2024: Jun 6 – Jun 24  Diablo’s worldwide indoor rowing competition begins on June 6th! It’s an “OPEN Style” competition over 3 weeks with workouts announced each week. 


  • North America West Semi Finals: May 24-26, Dignity Health Sports Complex, Carson, CA (Home Depot Center)
  • MURPH! Monday, May 27th. 


May Focus: 
1. Front Squat 2. DL & Press.  Skill Focus: “‘Murph” Prep


IG: Creative Rabbit Hole: The Homemade Cyber Truck. This is incredible, honestly. 

IG: Found My Fitness – 100 Squats A Day Better Than A 30m Walk for Blood Sugar Regulation.

YT:  HillerFit – 48 Hours at CrossFit Mayhem. I’ve not watched as much Hiller content these last few months, primarily because of the negativity. However, this piece is much different work for Andrew. It’s a really good look into the inner workings of CrossFit Mayhem, best known for their competition team training and CFG success. I really enjoyed listening to the training & recovery strategies of the athletes and getting a good look at the Mayhem facilities. 

YT: How Far Can A Tesla Cybertruck Actually Tow  I’m a truck guy – and I occasionally tow trailers. So, when this video popped up in my feed, I had to watch. I was impressed with the tow capacty of the Cybertruck.. but the range. Well..
Make it a great week!