She made it! Semis continue. F1. Women & alcohol. 😳 NSAIDs & Back Pain. The Week Ahead 6.6.22

Yvonne’s Sunday Training Partners, the Masters RX+ Crew, helped her prepare for the SemiFinals – and qualify for the 2022 CrossFit Games!

“Things start out as hopes and end up as habits.”  Lillian Hellman

TWISI (The Way I See It) –  Dave Castro is coming back and that is a very good thing for Diablo and all of CrossFit. I’m not sure what his role will be, but I know that he is keenly interested in the success of affiliates and CrossFit and the CrossFit Games – in that order. Dave is a former Navy Seal, joining his first Seal Team deployment in 1998. He came to CrossFit in 2006 and quickly rose through the ranks to become the Director of Training with Nicole Carrol – running CrossFit’s incredibly successful training certification program. Dave also launched the first CrossFit Games in 2007 at his parent’s ranch in Aromas. What started as a “throwdown challenge” became a multi-million dollar annual competition that begins with the world’s largest online fitness competition, The Open. Dave knows and understands the methodology, the affiliates, the training program and of course, the CrossFit Games.

Most people know of Dave only from his work on the CrossFit Games – which have been amazing under his leadership. But, I’ve known and worked with Dave since 2008 and I understand his passion for the methodology and the community of CrossFit. He knows that the affiliates are the life blood of CrossFit -we change lives, we cure chronic disease, we create fans of CrossFit and the CF Games, and we send our members to CF Certifications. Dave will do everything he can to make sure that CrossFit promotes and defends the brand and provides and environment for affiliates to thrive. He is the leader we need and I’m pumped to know that he is back on our team!

** UNOFFICIAL ** YVONNE QUALIFIED FOR THE CROSSFIT GAMES!  Yvonne completed all 6 workouts and finished in 6th place in the world to qualify for her 5th CrossFit Games as a Masters athlete – this time in the 60-64 division. It was a bit of a rough ride, after sickness rolled through our household last week. She did her best to stay away – even spending a couple nights in a hotel when I and our daughter, Alana were coughing the most. But, on Friday morning, Yvonne woke up congested and with a sore throat. She rallied to a 14th place finish on her 1st workout and a 3rd place finish on workout 2. Saturday was the worst day of her congestion, but she managed another 14th and another 3rd!  She entered last day of competition feeling better and solidly in 5th, with two workouts to go: increasing reps wall balls to a 10′ target (every 2 mins), then a max effort clean & jerk.  She finished with a 7th place (wall balls) and 11th (125 C&J) to finish 6th overall! We’re excited to watch her compete in Madison in August!

* LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER * DIABLO SPORTS PERFORMANCE TRAINING BEGINS JUNE 6th!: Coach Jackson Miller, a former Collegiate Div 1, All-American Swimmer will be training pre-High School, High School & College athletes who want to take their sport performance to the next level. He’ll focus on sport-specific strength, mobility and stability training.  Check out his webpage for the details & registration.

THE CROSSFIT GAME SEMIFINALS ARE HAPPENING NOW!  These competitions are always exciting as the best of the best try to earn their spot at the CrossFit Games in August.  All of the Semifinals will be airing live on the CrossFit Games YouTube.  

This week’s (June 10-12) Semis include:

TWEET OF THE WEEK: If you’re drinking a few glasses of wine (or a couple of beers) most nights, then do not blame your metabolism, hormones, thyroid or age for your inability to lose weight.

WORKOUTS –  Progressive Programming May Focus: Strength & Foundation 

  • Primary: Front Squat
  • Secondary: Push Press Supersets
  • Skill: Toes-to-bar & Pull Ups

The week ahead: 

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Hearing, Watching, Using or Buying)

Formula 1: Drive to Survive – Netflix – Watching the 4th season and still engrossed in this documentary. The world of F1 is all about automotive branding and incredibly wealthy people’s egos. You cannot look away. I’m flabbergasted by the enormous budgets of the teams and blown away by the young age of the drivers. Its an awesome spectacle and very fun to watch.

Why Do Women Have Lower Alcohol Tolerance Than Men?  –  Peter Attia, MD.  Parents, warn your daughters – it’s not just about bodyweight! Good read. 

NSAIDs Linked to Chronic Back Pain – NYT – This is something I’ve suspected for years. More research is needed but initial studies show that regular use of anti-inflammatories (Advil) can lead to chronic back pain. 

Alternate Origins of Alzheimers Disease – I saw a post from former member Dr. Tom McCoy about this and dug a little deeper. It’s fascinating – and could lead to better treatment:  the process that clears amyloid plaques from brain cells, is interrupted. It is possible that diet & exercise may help prevent or slow this degradation. 

Make it an awesome week!