30 Million CrossFitters. Ethos. Eat Protein. CF > Cardio. Last of Us. The Week Ahead 1.30.23

Who We Are: The CrossFit Ethos

“One man or woman with courage is a majority.”  Unknown

BACK TO THE FUTURE: THE VISION FOR CROSSFIT – I had the privilege of attending the West Coach Region Affiliate Owners Gathering on Saturday at CrossFit Pleasanton. It was great to see & talk with so many owners in one place. Quite a few OGs were on hand as well – 10yr+ owners. CEO Don Faul spoke to the group and shared CrossFit’s newly crafted vision & mission for the future. GM & Training Director Nicole Carroll answered questions and spoke with owners throughout the day. Adrian Bozman and Dave Castro were also there and talked one-on-one with many owners. 

While many new CrossFitters may see an affiliate owner meeting as expected, in reality, it is a positive initiative of the new management team. The number of CrossFit affiliates grew very rapidly from 2010-2018 – without any type of regional support or management. Since 2004, affiliate owners have essentially been operating on their own which, for many owners like Diablo, has been completely acceptable (and even preferred). On the other hand, a lack of consistent communication, guidance, support and supervision has likely affected the quality of the CrossFit product & service at some affiliates. It is common knowledge that the CrossFit experience varies from affiliate to affiliate.

Thus, the investment team that owns CrossFit has turned to CEO Don Faul and his management team to right the ship, strengthen the affiliates, elevate the brand, and grow the global CrossFit community. On Saturday, he shared his vision for the future and initiatives for 2023. I’m very excited by Don’s presentation which emphasized support for (and promotion of) the proven methodology (science) of CrossFit, the exceptional quality of CrossFit training programs, the value of CrossFit Coaches and the essential role of CrossFit Affiliates. Here are my notes:

CrossFit’s Mission: Become the recognized global leader advancing health & performance.

We will get there by: 

  • being the most trusted provider for training
  • being scientifically verified (every CF workout provides data)
  • making CrossFit accessible to everyone

Affiliates are the centers for advancing the mission.

  • Our coaches most trusted resource for training & education

Sponsor Partners play a role – as long as the are united in our vision

2030 Goal: 30 million CrossFitters (building the ecosystem)

2023 Business Objectives

  • Drive more people in the doors of affiliates
  • Be an exceptional custodian of the CrossFit brand
  • Make CrossFit accessible to everyone: “Anyone can do CrossFit, but CrossFit is not for everyone”

How We’ll Get There: 

  • Share the stories from affiliates around the world
  • Change misperceptions of CrossFit
  • Look at the sport of CrossFit through the lens of growing the ecosystem
  • Build strong affiliates and coaches
  • Fight for affiliates around the world (trademark protection)
  • Reinvest in the craft (the business of CrossFit): build a strong & sustainable business.
  • Strengthen our culture
  • Be transparent about our decisions

Two Asks Of The Affiliates:
1. “Our role is to get people in the door. Your role: virtuosity.” Create a better member experience.
2. Pay it forward – help your fellow affiliate owners succeed.

Finally, GM Nicole Carroll has written some excellent pieces describing the methodology, the science, the ethos and the magic of CrossFit – with more to come. These well-written articles give the reader an excellent insight into the history and magic of CrossFit and serve as a foundation for the mission & values of the company. Check them out:

Defining the Formula
Understanding the Methodology
The CrossFit Ethos

17 DAYS!!  Diablo will be hosting “Friday Night Lights” each week, bringing our community together to compete in the Open. Register for The Open!

TWEET OF THE WEEK: “Lose fat & add muscle: Eat mostly protein for every meal.

February Progressions: 1. Squats. 2. Push Press. Skill: Accessory Strength


Podcast: Huberman Lab Podcast: Andy Galpin PhD  Just wrapped up Peter Attia’s podcast with Dr. Galpin and I’m now listening to this one! Can’t get enough of Galpin’s non-nonsense, data-backed, experience-supported information on building strength, muscle and the role of nutrition, especially protein. Seriously: your body builds muscle when you eat protein. 

Article: How We Look for Our Happy Places  Psych Today. Places aren’t inherently happy. It’s our commitments that make them so. 

Reseach: CrossFit More Enjoyable Than Endurance Training – A recently published study found that people who were previously inactive began to enjoy their exercise sessions more as their training progressed when participating in high-intensity interval work. On the other hand, when they had to do moderate continuous training, their enjoyment of the exercise actually decreased. (duh..)  Research Paper


The Last of Us – HBO. Anxiety inducing, zombie series. Very well produced which makes it even more anxiety inducing. 
Your Honor Season 2 – SHO: I didn’t think they could produce a 2nd season, but of course, they did. Brian Cranston is outstanding in this series about a New Orleans Superior Court Judge gone astray.

Make it an awesome week!