Diablo CrossFit Scholarship Program

Diablo CrossFit Scholarship Program

An Opportunity For A Lifetime

In an effort to make CrossFit more accessible to low-income, young adults in underserved communities, Diablo CrossFit has launched “Diablo United” – a membership and fitness career coaching scholarship program. Each year, we’ll make available 3 scholarships to young, minority, men & women who may be interested in our amazing fitness facility, coaching and methodology and learning about career opportunities in the world CrossFit and fitness. 

A Diablo United Scholarship includes a full-time, all-access membership to Diablo CrossFit, a 6 session private coaching introduction to CrossFit program, and a dedicated CrossFit coach for guidance and support.

Our Mission is to make CrossFit accessible for low-income communities to improve health, create career opportunities, and inspire entrepreneurs.

About CrossFit

CrossFit is a fast growing, community-based fitness program with more than 14,000 independently-owned affiliate gyms around the world. The CrossFit methodology combines weightlifting with gymnastics and bodyweight exercises to produce amazing fitness results in a short period of time. It is scaleable for all abilities and fitness levels. Diablo CrossFit has many members over 60 as well as a successful teen program – and every age in between. We promote healthy, common-sense nutrition. Our members come back often because CrossFit works, the community is supportive and friendly and our classes and workouts are challenging and fun. 

CrossFit Coaches are certified by CrossFit via their accredited certification program. Only CrossFit certified coaches may coach CrossFit. CrossFit makes available scholarships for their certification program in underserved communities around the country. 

CrossFit is also referred to as “The Sport of Fitness”.  Every year the best CrossFit athletes in the world compete to determine the “Fittest Athlete In The World.” This competition begins in the affiliates with the “Open” – which is available to all members. Many CrossFit athletes compete as a career. 


The Day-To-Day

Our Diablo United Scholarship participants will have the following participation requirements:

  • Must be between the ages of 18 and 25
  • Complete all 6 introductory private coaching sessions with a Diablo CrossFit Coach
  • Attend CrossFit or Diablo Strong Weightlifting classes 3-4 times per week.
  • 1 hour per week of on-site facilities or administrative support work
  • Weekly Coach check-ins, in-person or via text or email
  • Give a full effort, have a positive attitude, and support the Diablo Community

A Partnership For Success

In order to identify and engage ideal young scholarship candidates, Diablo CrossFit intends to partner with a local charitable organizations that provide support and training opportunities for disadvantaged young adults in underserved communities. 

For more information about our internship program, or, you’d like to apply, click the button below or email us at info@diablocrossfit.com.