Austin Brown

Austin Brown


Austin was born & raised in Martinez. On route to becoming a collegiate athlete, Austin was involved in a serious car accident. Doctors told him it would be a miracle to walk again. While on six months of bed rest, Austin gathered all the research he could from surgeons, specialists & physical therapists in order to find a solution. There was no giving up.

In the beginning, it was slow moving process, but the needle was heading in the right direction. During recovery, Austin discovered CrossFit. CrossFit enabled many recovering athletes to return to normal physical activities. For Austin, a  wheelchair turned into a walker, a walker turned into crutches, then a walking boot, and 5 years after that … a 400 pound back squat.

Through this process, Austin found that problem-solving important to fitness & physical therapy. He sees the fitness industry as solving equations to get people to reach their goals in health:  recovering from an injury, achieving a desired physique, or fighting chronic disease. Austin knows there is an answer for any equation, even if it hasn’t been solved yet.


  • CrossFit Level 1