Rick Nolley

Rick Nolley


My CrossFit journey began around 2012. I had always struggled with my weight, even as a child. It became a little easier as a teenager when I became very in sports, playing football and baseball as well as discovering weight lifting. However, after leaving high school, then college and transitioning into the “real” world, it became harder to maintain regular exercise. My weight fluctuated. I went through countless cycles of weight loss and weight gain, to the point that would never get rid of my big man clothes because I felt at some point I would need them again.

My last weight swing was in 2011. I was going through some pretty difficult life challenges and decided to channel my stress and emotions into something constructive. I began with a home exercise program, sometimes staying up past midnight determined to complete that day’s routine. I changed my diet, began to lose weight, then slowly returned to the gym. It was there I met personal trainer who offered to train me. We began slow, but I was eager for more. He was really into CrossFit and began programming CrossFit style workouts for me. The workouts kicked my butt…BIG TIME! But I kept returning for more. Before long, every session was like a monster WOD. After seeing how much I took to the workouts, he invited me to his box.

In 2012, looking for more ways to motivate myself and switch up my workouts, I began working out at his box regularly. This “box” was really a home garage that later blossomed into a real box with a thriving CrossFit community filled largely with beginners like me. In a short time, I went from knowing nothing about CrossFit, to competing in local completions. This fueled my competitive fire which I had not felt since playing high school sports. I had found the exercise for me.

I have been doing CrossFit now for a few years, and though I still struggle with my weight and diet, I am no doubt in the best shape of my life. I workout with a great group of people and simultaneously look forward to and dred each workout.

The best thing I can say about CrossFit, besides the workouts, is the community. Never before have I been in an environment where individuals enjoy suffering in solidarity while encouraging and cheering on each other to perform at levels they didn’t think were possible. Though the workouts remain difficult, my motto has become “just keep coming”.

Trust me, you’ll see results.


  • CrossFit Level 2