My Doctor Told Me To Do CrossFit

A Message To Fellow Affiliate Owners

Last weekend I had the unique privilege of attending the CrossFit Health “Conference” with 30 or so CrossFit MDs and the CrossFit HQ team. Every morning & evening we’d come together to share experiences and ideas for solving the global diabetes epidemic and related healthcare crisis. I learned about CrossFit Media’s focus shift toward “forging elite health”.  I witnessed 20 more MDs get their L1. And, during the weekend I also learned mind-blowing and disheartening details about CrossFit HQ’s seemingly never-ending battles with beverage industry conglomerates and the NSCA (& ACSM). Diablo CrossFit is in its 13th year of operation, and after reflecting upon all that I learned & witnessed over the weekend, I am more proud and excited than ever to be a CrossFit affiliate.

We’ve all heard the numbers regarding the astounding growth of diabetes and chronic disease in this Country. Several years ago, Greg Glassman resolved to demystify and subsequently promote his elegantly unique solution to the problem: “get off the carbs and get off the couch.”  And, 2 years ago, CrossFit media set a course to solve the focus on the amazing “transformation” stories within the affiliate community – CrossFit affiliates have been “curing” chronic disease and “reversing” the aging process for many years already. Just scroll through CF’s IG, FB & Journal posts over the last 6 months and you’ll see the remarkable stories. Our members have noticed. CrossFit is “forging elite health.” We, the affiliates, and our coaches are on the front-lines of a war against obesity & chronic disease, changing lives with our supportive communities, CrossFit and simple nutrition advice. And, I am certain that CrossFit’s very public and bold “cure” proclamations which continue to be proven at the affiliate level, will yield significant, long-term, brand & business benefits for us, the affiliate owners. And, for those who worry that CrossFit will no longer “forge elite fitness”, fear not, the CrossFit Games will continue to thrive as a testament to the remarkable capabilities of the fittest on earth.

Regarding CrossFit’s public battle against the sugar industry, beverage conglomerates and the NSCA & ACSM, please, take some time to read through the myriad posts and articles by CrossFit on these subjects. CrossFit HQ’s legal team, at great financial cost, continue to expose the outright lies and manipulative efforts of these organizations and key executives related to fitness and CrossFit. CrossFit is helping to put an end to corporate-funded, peer-review studies that have led to a demonization of “fat” and an explosion in sugar consumption. More significantly, CrossFit aggressively pursued the retraction of a study produced by the NSCA that claimed that CrossFit’s efficacy was compromised by a high rate of injury. During the process of discovery, CrossFit and the Courts have uncovered an incredible amount of documented deception and outright fabrications blatantly intended to defame CrossFit, CrossFit Coaches and Affiliates. CrossFit has also exposed these organizations direct funding by the beverage industry. Meanwhile, CFHQ continues to battle State and Federal attempts to impose licensure and regulations upon CrossFit Affiliates and Coaches which would effectively end business as we know it.

Finally, Greg Glassman is standing at the front lines with us. He was inspired by affiliate owners who introduced him to their members who are MDs and frustrated with US healthcare.He has funded L1 certifications for about 50 MDs and is pledging to host 12 more MD L1s over the next 12 months. His objective is to create a CrossFit MD community that will come together to propagate the simple solution to curing chronic disease (off the carbs and off the couch) while sharing ideas and strategies for moving their industry and businesses away from pharma & hospital-based solutions to nutrition & fitness-based cures. I’m excited by this program and can’t wait until the first prospect walks through our doors and says, “my Doctor told me to do CrossFit.”

Craig Howard
Diablo CrossFit