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“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”
Helen Keller

  • Elite Fitness & Curing Chronic Disease
  • Row’d Royalty ’24 is Coming!
  • Anelyse George: 1000 Hours Outsid
  • End of Quarters, ‘Murph Story
  • The Beckhams Are Badass
  • Moonlanding Hoax?
FORGING ELITE FITNESS – CURING CHRONIC DISEASE   Last week I spoke to a prospective member who told me she was hesitant to join because she heard that “CrossFit is extreme and dangerous.” Admittedly, CrossFit has carried the “dangerous” label for many years, primarily attributable to a fraudulent NSCA claim in 2013 and subsequently perpetuated by media, competitors and detractors. However, I’ve never found it possible to assuage someone’s fear of CrossFit with a debate about fraudulent research. Instead, I share success stories from our members and coaches – real stories from real people about the fitness transformation and healing powers of CrossFit. And, it just so happens (also last week!) that I again witnessed the full-spectrum of the CrossFit experience at Diablo: forging elite fitness AND curing chronic disease.

On one end of the spectrum (Forging Elite Fitness), 41 Diablo members qualified and competed in the CrossFit Games online Quarter Final competition – completing 4 tough workouts over a 6 day period. The best part of the story is that most of the 41 athletes achieved their elite fitness in CLASS! Several athletes hit new Personal Records during the competition – exceeding their own expectations. Additionally, as of today, it looks like 6 Diablo athletes will be moving up to the Semi-Finals competition in May!  And while some athletes may not feel “elite” compared to the best CrossFit athletes in the Region or World, it is very fair to say that our athletes’ fitness is very elite when compared to the general population of the world. CrossFit Forges Elite Fitness.

On the other end of the spectrum, last week I received a very cool email from a member, Beth, who wanted me to know that after 1 year of CrossFit, she lowered her AC1 level substantially and was no longer “pre-diabetic”.  The very next day, the mother of special needs child, Bubba, who does CrossFit with Coach Chad every week, pulled me aside to tell me that Bubba has lost more than 30lbs since starting with us AND (get this!!), has lowered his AC1 level and is also no longer “pre-diabetic’! I was admittedly emotional when she gave me this awesome news. THIS is why we do this. We are literally Curing Chronic Disease.

So, if your family or friends tell you they can’t do CrossFit because it is “dangerous”, tell them about Beth and Bubba – or, just share your story. That’ll probably convince them. 

ROW’D ROYALTY 2024: Jun 6 – Jun 24.  For the last 12 years, Diablo has hosted one of the largest and most successful online C2 Rowing Competition. Just like the Open, every week for 3 weeks we’ll release a rowing workout on Thursday at 12PM. Results must be submitted by Monday at 5PM. The beauty of our competiton, is that we have divisions based on height and age: “tall” and “standard”.  The workouts are challenging, and usually have multiple scoring opportunities. You’ll learn a lot about rowing and workout programming – and maybe take home a cash prize!


  • Friday Ruck/HIke:  Meet at 6:30A at the end of Whitecliff (off of Rudgear)
  • MURPH! May 27th. 
  • North America West Semi Finals: May 24-26, Dignity Health Sports Complex, Carson, CA (Home Depot Center)
  • Age Group Semi Finals:  May 8-13 – ONLINE


May Focus: 
1. Front Squat 2. DL & Press.  Skill Focus: “‘Murph” Prep


IG: End of The Quarter Finals at Diablo

YouTube: The ‘Murph Origin Story by Dave Castro

Netflix: “Beckham” – Wow! This was really entertaining and revealing. Admittedly, it started as an “accidental” selection by Yvonne, but was so engrossing that we binge watched it over a few days. First of all, David Beckham is an incredible, hard-working athlete and an over-achiever. More amazing, Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice), is equally engaging and undeniably the rock that kept their family together through some incredible life challenges that were brutally public. I have mad respect for both – and a new appreciation for soccer. 

Podcast YouTube: Joe Rogan with Bart Sibrel #2141 – Was The Moon Landing A Hoax?  Put your tinfoil hat on for this one! Bart Sibrel is an investigative journalist and the leading resource for the authenticity of the moon landings. I enjoyed this podcast because I love to hear all sides of stuff like this. Admittedly, Bart raises some really valid points and coupled with NASA’s admission that “all of the flight data has been lost or destroyed” makes you go. “hmmmm”.  It’s pretty fascinating. However, my overall take: there were more than 400,000 people involved in the Apollo program over many years – surely, someone would have come forward with proof of a hoax by now. And, if we’re gonna fake it, why would we fake it SEVEN times? 
Make it a great week!