Let’s talk endurance with Rob Reinhard

Rob is the Founder, Owner and Head Coach of Triactive Endurance, Endurance Training & Coaching facility. Top endurance athletes around the world rely on Rob and TAE for endurance programming & coaching. Rob also has an extensive racing history as an age-group triathlete and marathoner.  This year, he’ll be competing at the Ironman Kona the most reknowned and difficult Ironman in the world.
If you’re thinking about running a 10k, half-marathon, marathon – or competing in a triathlon, or other endurance event, you must watch this episode! Rob is an impressive endurance athlete and a Coach/Scientist about training. His knowledge runs deep! I could talk endurance training tech all day with him.
In this FB Live Event we talk about:

  • What it’s like to do an Ironman race
  • Challenges of the swim – the bike – and the run
  • All about Kona
  • Fueling the body during endurance events
  • The importance of proper run mechanics
  • Modern endurance nutrition science
  • Energy management
  • Triactive Endurance training methods