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Brian George was the Totally Unofficial Diablo CrossFit Quarter Finals Leader after 2 Days of Competition. 

“Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential.” Liane Cordes

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Today I witnessed a classic lesson of the differences between a very healthy lifestyle vs. an unhealthy one.

Yvonne, age 62 (today!), finished the last 2024 CrossFit Games Quarter Final Workout with 13 Clean & Jerks at 105lbs after doing 30 CJs at slightly lighter weights – all under 10 minutes! Meanwhile, also TODAY, Yvonne’s sister, Charmaine, one year older at 63, stumbled down the stairs in her condo and broke her hip and wrist. She is in the hospital, having surgery tomorrow and will require assisted care for several weeks, maybe longer, until she can take care of herself.

So, what is the difference between Yvonne and her sister? Lifestyle and nutrition choices. Yvonne has played sports and exercised since she was a teenager. In her 20’s & 30’s she wasn’t obsessed with nutrition but always included protein in every meal and avoided calorie-dense processed food. After age 40, she became more thoughtful about food quality and reduced alcohol intake considerably. In her 50’s she added mobility and flexibility training and treatment. Now at 62, she rarely drinks, if at all, avoids added sugars entirely and trains CrossFit 5-6 days a week, mobilizes daily, sleeps 7-8 hours a day sees Dr. Mory weekly. She has some limitations with her eyesite but other than that, she’s stronger and more cardiovascular fit than most 30yo’s. 

Yvonne’s sister on the other hand, was injured in a car accident (alcohol related) at a young age and still walks with a slight limp. She does not exercise and sits most of the day. She does not monitor her food intake and consumes highly processed, calorie dense foods. She smoked most of her life. She is overweight, has very little muscle mass and is very unstable on her feet. Thus, her fall and subsequent hip fracture today did not surprise her family. Unfortunately, because she lives on her own, her family will now have to provide and take care of her – likely for the rest of her life.

I see the story of Yvonne and her sister as lesson for everyone. Many people will tell you that they do not wish to exercise to improve their quality of life for their later years. “What’s a few extra years at the end of your life?” Well, I can tell you that as I reached my 50’s & 60’s, I started really appreciating these things more: time with family and friends, recreational sports, travel vacations, hiking in nature, walking & running my dogs, skiing and swimming in the ocean. And, most importantly, I’ve become very set upon NOT being a burden upon my wife and daughter as I age. So, I avoid things that negatively impact my health and I lean into things that improve my quality of life:  CrossFit, healthy nutrition, good sleep and low stress. Every day is a struggle, but I’m winning. So is Yvonne. And, the best part is that our daughter is a witness. 

Live a longer, healthier, active life. Do it for you. Do it for your family. 

TWEET OF THE WEEK (#dontfollowme): People at 40: “If I live another 30yrs, I’ll be happy”. People at 70: “I wish I lived better at 40 so I could enjoy another 20.”

CROSSFIT PARTNERS WITH “THE MURPH’ FOUNDATION” – “Murph” is one of the most recognized “Hero Workouts” in CrossFit. In 2005, CrossFit decided to memorialize Lt. Michael Murphy with a workout in his name. Murph, a Navy Seal and an avid CrossFitter, who was killed in the line of duty while saving his fellow squadron members on a mission in Afghanistan. The His story and the story of the lone survivor, Marcus Latrell, was so incredible, it was made into an epic movie, “Lone Survivor“.  In 2007, Michael Murphy’s family established the “Murph Foundation” – a Scholarship Fund for veterans. 

Every year since our inception, Diablo members have participated in the workout “Murph’ on Memorial Day. This year, on May 27th, we’ll be getting together again for Murph – 1mi run, 100 Pull ups, 200 Push ups, 300 Squats and 1mi Run – AND we’ll have an awesome Charity partner to make it even more meaningful. 


  • Fridays Ruck/HIke:  Meet at 6:30A at the end of Whitecliff (off of Rudgear)
  • MURPH! May 27th. 
  • North America West Semi Finals: May 24-26, Dignity Health Sports Complex, Carson, CA (Home Depot Center)
  • Age Group Semi Finals:  May 8-13 – ONLINE


April Focus: 
1. Back Squat / Floor Press 2. Loaded Carries  Skill: Balance


Article: Microsoft’s AI tool can turn photos into realistic videos of people talking and singing – What’s real and what’s not? AI continues to learn even as you read this email. Tbh, I’m scared. Click on the next link below.

YouTube Video: Boston Dynamics – All New Atlas – As cool and innovative as this robot is, just think about coupling it with AI. And if you’re not familiar with what AI can do, just ask ChatGPT to do some things for you. Challenge it to write poems, songs, programming code, etc. The future is FAST approaching. 

NetFlix: Ripley – It starts a little slow, but builds very nicely into an intriguing and engaging story that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. I loved the black and white, still shot videography – it’s incredibly artistic and original. The actors are excellent and compelling. 

Amazon: FallOut – Literally the opposite style of Ripley – FallOut is based upon a popular video game series and is incredibly well done. It’s a bit gory – but set in a 60’s style, yet future based theme. The story builds each character in a cool fashion and is entertaining as heck. 
Make it a great week!