Friday, January 5th, 2018 – Holiday ParTay is Saturday. Dry Caveman begins Sunday.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”  Confucius

Fitness in Pleasant Hill

Every year, after our Post Holiday Party until Valentine’s day, many Diablo members pledge to not consume alcohol. It’s a great way to detox from the holidays, lose the stubborn pounds, and check-in with ourselves.

Dry Caveman 2018

Pleasant Hill & Alamo: January 7 – February 14th.

Moxie: January 15 – February 14th.

Drop Out Penalty:

  • Before Feb 7th: 100 Burpee Pull-ups
  • Feb 7 – Feb 13: 50 Burpee Pull-ups

Make your commitment in writing.

COACH WARNING:  Saturday is a BIG workout! Today’s workout is designed to test your fitness while keeping you ready for a big day on Saturday. 

Dynamic Warmup: Minute 0 – 20

  • Coaches’ Choice Group Dynamic Warm Up
  • Row Technique Review
    • Arms only rowing
    • Body & arms rowing
    • Short row stroke
    • Full row stroke

Row’d Royalty Skill Work: Minute 11-25

Complete each of these with 30s – 1m rest between.

  • Blind row: 45 secs, eyes closed, comfortable pace, damper 4/6 (f/m)
    • Review monitor after: SPM, 500m pace, distance.
    • Review heart rate & breathing.

SPM Work:

  • 100/120m @ 19 SPM, Damper 4/6
  • 100/120m @ 24 SPM, D4/6
  • 100/120m @ 30+ SPM, D4/6
    Damper Work:
  • 100/120m @ desired SPM, D5/7
  • 100/120m @ desired SPM, D6/8
  • 100/120m @ desired SPM, D7+/9+

Coach notes:

  • Pay attention to technique: driving with the legs after the catch & finishing the pull to the chest before returning.
  • Monitor heart rate, breathing and leg burn: find your comfort zone for SPM & damper setting.
  • SPM work: pay attention to the 500m avg pace & time to complete the distance. Which SPM was most sustainable in exchange for time? SPM is more about breathing.
  • Damper work: pay attention to the 500m avg pace & time to complete the distance. Which damper setting was most sustainable in exchange for time? Damper is more about leg strength.

Workout: Minute 26 – 40

  • 2K Row Time Trial

Coach notes:

  • Testing your 2K Max Effort.
  • Keep the stroke rate a manageable pace early on is crucial. Starting at a 35+s/m is not a manageable pace.
  • Set up the rower to count down. Your splits will be stored in the memory on that rower. Be sure to log the Data.

Core Blast: Minute 41 – 60

Complete 3 Rounds of

  • 30sec Flutter Kick
  • 30sec Tuck Ups (3 Second Negative)
  • 30sec Bicycle Kicks
  • 30sec Side Plank (each Side) — Modify by dropping to the knee
  • 45sec Supine Chinese Plank
  • 1 Minute Rest

Coach notes:

  • You can rest if you need to, but do not quit.
  • Stop to take a breath if needed, and then get back to it until you get your 1-minute rest.