I Don’t Wanna Workout. Bigger Murph! Where Were The Fans? Creatine Works. Best Shoes. PFAS – TWA 05.27.24

“Does It Bring Me Joy?”
When you have this many CrossFit shirts, you can’t quit.
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“If you have good habits, time becomes your ally. All you need is patience.”
James Clear

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I DON’T WANT TO DO MURPH  This is my 18th year… but, I’ll be there. 

Despite owning a gym and having a garage gym, there are days when I really don’t want to workout. And, sometimes, the lack of fitness interest lasts for days. Eventually, however, fitness interest returns, and I look forward to my next workout. 

So what’s the trick for getting my fitness mojo back? Show up.

Almost every time I show up for class – even after 3-4 days off (or longer!) – my fitness interest and energy always return, often while I’m in the middle of the first workout back. There’s definitely something very motivating about working out in class with friends.

But, depending upon the amount of time away from training, I’ll definitely adjust my re-entry accordingly. In other words, I’ll scale or, I’ll try something different.

Scaling CrossFit workouts is one of my favorite ways to keep my interest high and my fitness on track. When the load is light, and the skills are manageable, my effort almost always increases. Increased effort = intensity = improved fitness results. And, when I scale workouts, I’m less likely to compare my results to anyone else – or my past self. 

Try something different keeps my interest peaked. Lately, I’ve started doing Functional Body Building – the workouts are challenging in a new way, the pump is very satisfying and my mobility is improving. I’ve also added Rucking to the mix in the mornings. The variety of workouts keeps me moving and fit. Occasional FIT classes are exceptionally challenging on my endurance & core – and are way harder than they look on paper!

So, what about Murph? I’m actually excited to do ‘Murph because I’m scaling with a friend. I’ll be doing “Partner Murph” with Coach Herald. I’ll get a great workout and I’ll be honoring Lt. Michael Murphy and all those who gave their lives in service to our Country.

Not feeling it? Scale. Do something different. But, most of all, show up. You’ll get your mojo back faster than you think. 

BIGGER MURPH! – MON MAY 27:  Class Times – 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A & 10A. BIGGER CLASSES! We’re expanding class sizes to 40(!!) to accommodate everyone who wants to do ‘Murph on Memorial Day. We’ll be using the pull up bars in Open Gym and in the Strong Room to make sure everyone has enough room!

ROW’D ROYALTY 2024: Jun 6 – Jun 24  Diablo’s worldwide indoor rowing competition begins on June 6th! It’s an “OPEN Style” competition over 3 weeks with workouts announced each week. Check our our RR Podcast for more information.

>>> Register for Row’d Royalty HERE! <<<<


May Focus: 1. Front Squat 2. DL & Press.  Skill Focus: “‘Murph” Prep


Creatine – The Best Supplement? YouTube: Creatine Works & Its Safe!  Rhonda Patrick – Yvonne and I take 5g-10g of Creatine every day. It is especially helpful for muscle power & performance as well as cognitive function. The data is substantial. We like THORNE because of their 40 year history of incredibly high production standards. Purchase Thorne supplements through our link for a discount.

Shoes & Foot Health – YouTube Short:  ** What Are The Best Shoes For Foot Health?! ** Peter Attia & Courtney Conley  – This is a short one and IMPORTANT. The cost of manufacturing has NOT benefitted foot health. Courtney talks toe box width, drop, cushioning, training with a load, etc.

Cool Astronomy!: Parade of Planets –  On June 3rd in the early AM, six planets will align in the Northern hemisphere: Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Mars, Neptune and Saturn.

PFASs In Our Blood?! – Article: Toxic Gaslighting: How 3M Execs Convinced A Scientist The Forever Chemicals She Found In Human Blood Were Safe – This is another disturbing story of corporate interest gone wrong. PFAS chemicals have found their way into our food and water supplies and only recently has the EPA stepped in to force removal. When scientist Kris Hansen found flourochemicals (ie, Scotch Guard) in Red Cross Blood Samples, her bosses at 3M dismissed any potential harm. This is an excellent read and scary as hell. 

 Make it a great week!