Intramural Open 2020

Diablo CrossFit Intramural Open

October 10th - November 11th

2019 is the year of TWO CrossFit Games Open competitions – the 1st stage of the journey to find the Fittest Man & Woman in the world. The 2020 CFG Open has been moved to October in order to make room for more Sanctional Qualifying Events at the end of 2019 and into 2020. For us, an October Open is a chance to come together to workout and have some fun before the holidays.

Teams, Captains, Colors & Names
There are 3 teams and two captains per team: a member and a coach. Team names will be decided by the Captains. Team jersey colors have already been selected:  Red, Blue, & Black (dark grey). SHIRTS ARE AVAILABLE NOW in our ProShop.
  • Black Team Captains: Coach Andrew & Hayden Hughes
  • Blue Team Captains: Coach Chelsea Martin & Travis Moody
  • Red Team Captains: Coach Chad & Cynthia Pammet 

Team Rosters

On Oct 1st, the Team Captains assembled for the Inaugural Intramural Open Draft. Athletes were selected based upon their previous scoring capabilities in past Opens based upon the following criteria:

  • Judging (you must take the CrossFit Judges Course – if you passed in 2019 already, you are good to go!)
  • FNL Attendance & Judging
  • Top 10 M&W & Masters
  • Top 5 Scaled Athletes
  • Spirit of the Open

Members that register for the Open will be added to teams based upon the draft order established on Oct 1st (Black, Blue, Red) as they register.  Team Captains are also free to recruit athletes up to designated cap limits. 

SIGN UP NOW to be added to a team! Or, click below to see if you’ve been added already. 

Friday Night Lights… with a Theme!
Every Friday night from 5PM – 8PM, we’ll come together as a community to complete the workout of the week together! We’ll have a theme every week to make things more interesting. If you’re not participating, please, come hang out, cheer the athletes on and share a cold beverage afterward.  
How to Participate?!
  1. Register for the Open – it’s only $20! We want to dominate Affiliate participation – so please register for the OPEN!
  2. Show up on Friday nights & support your team!
  3. Pass the Judges course and judge your teammates.
  4. Show up and cheer! 

The Shirts!

We’re going to have Men’s Tri-blend T’s and Women’s Bella Muscle Tanks with our new Open logo on the front and our Competition Sponsors on the back! We’re taking pre-orders now – colors will be allocated based upon the draft!