January 2019 Nutrition Challenge


As part of our #fitnessisalifestyle campaign, I create small nutrition challenges that you can work on each month! The goal isn’t perfection here.. it’s just to become a “little bit better” than you were yesterday.  This is how we create new habits and lasting change. One small step at a time. Let’s use each other for motivation and new ideas!

Coach Jennifer


This month the nutrition challenge is going to mirror our Dry Caveman challenge as we feel it is that important. Dry Caveman officially starts NOW and goes until Feb. 14th… if you don’t think you can make it the whole way, how about try for the full month of January?? If you do register for the full challenge, you can take advantage of the special we are offering for Inbody: 2 scan’s for $48!!


Dry Caveman is Diablo CrossFit’s annual, voluntary “alcohol abstention competition.” Every New Year until Valentine’s day, many Diablo members pledge to not consume alcohol. It’s a great way to detox from the holidays, lose the stubborn pounds, and check-in with ourselves – physically and mentally. This is our 10th year of hosting this challenge (and it still still sucks)!


The list of positive reasons to participate is long, but the most important reason reasons are your health, both short-term and long-term. We do CrossFit so that we can be healthy, yet the evidence is overwhelming that alcohol negatively affects health & wellness. So, if you participate you are very likely going to lose weight, feel better and make gains.

As CrossFitters, our fitness exceeds that of many of our friends, family and peers, so it’s easy to overlook the adverse effects of alcohol consumption. However, many of us probably know family and friends whose lives have been affected by alcohol. The Dry Caveman is a great way to “check in” on yourself.

Most people quickly discover how difficult it is to NOT drink: with friends or family, with work peers, at parties, at sporting events, or other events. Warning: you may be surprised by the reactions of your friends and family (and the peer pressure).

In the end, we guarantee you’ll learn a lot about yourself, improve your health and gain a sense of accomplishment!


We think you’ll experience changes in your appearance and fitness. The best test for physical changes is via an InBody body-composition scan. For the Dry Caveman, we’re offering TWO scans for $48 – one when you start and one, when you finish. Click the button below to purchase your InBody scans. Then, schedule your scan via the link on our site.


Start date: Tuesday, January 1st at 2:00 AM
End date: Thursday, February 14, 2015 at 12:00 AM

At the start date, you may not consume alcoholic beverages until the finish date & time. Participation is VOLUNTARY! You may withdraw at any time. However, by agreeing to participate, you ALSO agree to a penalty workout should you withdraw for any reason. The penalty workout MUST be completed within 72 hours of withdrawal.

The Penalty Workout:  Burpees to a target. (Target must be 6″ above full-extension reach)

  • Withdrawal on or before Jan 31st = 100 Burpees to a target
  • Withdrawal Feb 1 until Feb 13 = 50 Burpees to a target


Make sure to log your results on SugarWod each Monday and don’t forget to use #fitnessisalifestyle and #diablocrossfit when posting your successes or comments on Facebook and Instagram.

Written by:  Coach Jennifer Ismar