We enjoy meeting experienced CrossFit coaches or, coaches in training, or others who may have an interest in working for us. Keep in mind, most of our coaches and staff at Diablo were members of our amazing community prior to working at Diablo. If you have an interest in working with us, send us an email with your resume to info@diablocrossfit.com.


Coach Intern

Diablo Coach Interns are “coaches in training”.  Interns provide assistance to Diablo coaches during class, including equipment set-up and breakdown, demonstrating movements and keeping class members organized and on track. Coach interns may be required to assist with member coaching at the instruction of the class coach. Intern class hours are applied to “Observe & Assist” requirements for new Diablo Coaches. This is a non-paid position.

Experience / Education Required:  CrossFit Level 1. Minimum 2 years of consistent CrossFit class attendance.