Nicole Carroll: Director of Brand Management – PRsAllDay Podcast #39


Excited to have CrossFit GM, Nicole Carroll on! We’ll talk CrossFit history, CrossFit certification, advanced training and what the future holds for CrossFit.

ESSENTIAL CROSSFIT READING: The Magic Of CrossFit Series, Nicole Carroll (Matt Swift)

0:00:00 How Craig met Nicole Carroll in 2006
0:01:00 3-day L1 in 2006
0:05:30 Craig is an old man – The Sock Test
0:08:00 We can’t read the comments
0:09:20 How & why we landed Nicole
0:11:00 Welcome to Nicole Carroll – Home Office
0:15:00 Nicole’s Background before CrossFit
0:19:00 Nicole’s career path at CrossFit: member to Head of Branding
0:22:30 About the Magic of CrossFit – WRITTEN by Nicole Carroll
0:26:00 Nicole is the Director of Brand Management at CrossFit
0:27:00 Bringing CrossFit Back to the Roots of CrossFit
0:30:00 The Magic of CrossFit
0:34:30 Affiliates need to share The Magic with members and coaches
0:37:00 Intensity is why members quit AND why members stay
0:39:00 Intensity is our North Star
0:41:00 Get them into class
0:44:40 What makes a great coach
0:46:00 Why the Best Affiliate Owners started their CrossFit affiliates
0:48:00 About Dale King of DocSpartan and Addiction Recovery
0:40:30 The Trojan Horse of CrossFit
0:50:00 Why didn’t Nicole compete at the CrossFit Games?
0:51:15 Nicole is a recluse?
0:53:30 Nicole was a YouTube Influencer
0:54:30 Three Flying Ladies – Nicole does Tabata Squats
0:56:30 Why the Level 4
1:02:30 Secrets of the Level 4 Test
1:03:30 The Importance of the CrossFit Coach
1:05:00 CrossFit vs. Other Gyms
1:07:00 Selling CrossFit as a Coach
1:09:00 Coach vs. Trainer
1:10:00 Southwest Airlines Hiring Test
1:12:15 Four Years of Chaos At CrossFit
1:14:00 Miles’ Story: Why Nicole Stayed with CrossFit
1:16:00 CrossFit Makes The World Better
1:19:00 Nicole is the North Star for Affiliate Owners
1:20:00 CrossFit the Religion?

Three Flying Ladies: