“None-to-One” – 4 Week Pull-Up Clinic


Some of the biggest smiles in training come after people achieve their first strict pull-up. 

People feel a great sense of accomplishment when they can lift their head above the bar with their own strength. 

We developed a 4-Week Pull-Up Program, designed to improve performance just for this. This 2 days-per-week class is being offered to Diablo members to build back & grip strength, add muscle…all leading up to the OPEN.

You will learn how to warm-up before training, go through various progressions & movements all designed to improve your strength, and finish with some metcons.

Our plan allows anyone to aim high and reach that bar!

  • DATES:  Sep 10th – Oct 4th
  • WHEN:  Tue & Fri, 6:00P – 7:00P
  • COACH: Chad Svobda
  • COST: $45

Coach Chad is arguably one of Diablo’s most educated and hard working coaches. When he’s not coaching class and privates at Diablo, he’s running Safeway’s Fitness Facility in Pleasant Hill and the City of Concord’s CrossFit program at night. He is a CrossFit Level 2 Coach and a graduate of 3 Power Monkey Fitness Camps for advanced funcitional fitness training. He’s excited to bring his custom Pull Up Progression program to our community.