Open Coaching Assessment 2019

Evaluate Your Open Performance & Make A Plan

The CrossFit Open is a great tool to evaluate where you are with your training & fitness.

  • What are your strengths?
  • What holes do you have?
  • What do you need to improve?
  • What should you do less/more?
  • What did you find out you CAN do, when you didn’t think you could?!  
  • And, what are your next steps??



Did you know that we have 2 Open’s in 2019? Due to the changes in the Games qualifiers, the 2020 Open will happen this October, 2019!!  That gives you about 6 months to work on your weaknesses and then be able to test them again and see how far you’ve come. Why do we train if it’s not to have goals, and then crush them?!



To help you, we have created a new tool: the Open Evaluation Coaching Session. In this one-on-one session, a Diablo coach will meet with you to go over your past Open performances, discuss any training ‘holes’ and help you with a strategy to get where you want to be. The session will also include an InBody scan and brief discussion on how having a good nutrition plan can help move you in the right direction. You and your coach will:

  • Break down the Open workout-by-workout
  • Review of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Analyze likely movements/workouts for October
  • Identify your target skill areas for maximum improvement
  • Set realistic goals and design a strategy to fit you and your schedule
  • Review your InBody Scan (optional) and discuss a nutrition strategy


PRICE: $40

Diablo PTs are typically $78 – $98 per session. We’re offering this consultation & coaching session for $40 – which includes the InBody test! You can purchase your Open Evaluation Session by clicking on the button below. We’ll reach out to schedule your session with the coach of your choice (or email us at