Preggo Murph. We Need Heroes. Games Bound! Murph Pics. RR on Wed. Opiods, Therapy & Stoics. TWA 6.03.24

So, what’s it like to do a partner ‘Murph when you’re 8 months pregnant? Coach Jackson decided to find out! He loaded up a medicine ball and teamed up with his very fit wife, Cynthia to do ‘Murph as a partner workout.

Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them—a desire, a dream, a vision.”
Muhammad Ali


WE NEED HEROES    Today, while on vacation, I watched most of the North America East SemiFinals at the Syndicate Crown in Knoxville. Arguably, most of the fittest athletes in the world were competing for a ticket to the CrossFit Games later this year. Despite watching and participating in CrossFit competitions for almost 20 years, I was entranced by the events and inspired by the athletes. I found myself coaching from the sidelines, screaming at the monitor, cheering for my favorite athletes and even getting watery eyed when athletes were overwhelmed by their success or worse, devastated by failure.

Today, 20yr old Lydia Fish was in 10th place (the top 10 overall go to the Games) headed into Event 5, the Snatch Ladder which ended with 2 reps at 175lbs. Lydia’s published max snatch is 160lbs. She reached the 175# bar with 3 minutes-ish on the clock and missed her first attempt. She re-grouped and on her 2nd attempt, she nailed it! With only 1 rep to go, she missed her next attempt. Finally, with only 30secs left on the clock, her parents standing in the crowd and the other athletes cheering her on, she nailed the last attempt and finished the workout under the time cap. The crowd went nuts and her parents were ecstatic – shouting and pointing at her. Lydia was overwhelmed with excitement. I felt a surge of pride, relief and most of all, inspiration, as she waved to the crowd and spoke to the announcer. I found myself looking forward to my next workout.

At that moment, I realized again why the CrossFit Games continue to be so beneficial for CrossFit. We need heroes. The fittest athletes in the world act as torch bearers in the darkness – guiding us to our best potential physical selves. Their incredible accomplishments on the field of competition demonstrate what humans are physically capable of and inspire us to be better physical versions of ourselves. When the best athletes are training, we bear witness to the results of hard work. Their work ethic is an example for the rest of us.

So, for all the Lydias, Fronings, Frasers, Tias and our Diablo competition athletes, thank you! We’re motivated by your effort and inspired by your success.  

MASTERS GAMES QUALIFIED!!  Congratulations to my incredibly hard-working wife Yvonne, who qualified for her 8th CrossFit Games, 7th as a Masters Athlete. She’ll be competing in the W60-64 Division for the 3rd consecutive year. And, congratulations to Nate Wantahtah, M50-54, another hard-hitting badass who trains with the Rx+ crew on Saturdays and is Coached by Diablo & PRsAllDay, Jackson Miller!

150 MEMBERS FOR ‘MURPH – It was an epic year for our annual ‘Murph workout, in honor of Memorial Day, Lt. Michael Murphy and all those who gave their lives in service to Our Country. THANK YOU DIABLO FAMILY!  Check out some of the best pictures here. 

ROW’D ROYALTY 2024 STARTS WEDNESDAY! (Jun 6 – Jun 24)  Diablo’s worldwide indoor rowing competition begins on June 6th! It’s an “OPEN Style” competition over 3 weeks with workouts announced each week. Check our our RR Podcast for more information.

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May Focus: 1. Overhead Squat  2. Clean Complex  3. Skill: Muscle Up Progressions


Podcast: Freakonomics Radio – Why Has the Opioid Crisis Lasted So Long? Great episode (1/3) – surprisingly enlightening yet very troubling. The Opioid crisis is 30y old?! If you I enjoy these podcasts because they get to the point quickly, they have smart, reputable sources and are about an hour long. This episode will help you really understand Opioid addictions in this country and why it continues. Part 2 delves into possible solutions. More on that next week.

Audible: Bad Therapy – Why The Kids Aren’t Growing UpI think every parent should read this one, especially if a child is talking to a therapist regularly. It is a scary and enlightening read. Today, Gen Z’s mental health is worse than that of previous generations. Suicide rates are climbing, antidepressant & adhd prescriptions for children are common, and the proliferation of mental health diagnosis are not helping. 

ReRead: The Daily Stoic. Just one page a day – a quote from a Stoic plus some interpretation from the book author, Ryan Holiday. Inspiring.

Make it a great week!