PRsAllDay Podcast 10.10.22

PRsAllDay Week Ahead Podcast

This weekly podcast is for our own amusement and to provide interesting & relevant content for our community and the CF affiliate community. Craig Howard, owner of Diablo CrossFit and Jamie Lee, CEO of PrsAllDay programming talk about anything related to:

  • our workouts
  • our coaching
  • CrossFit
  • our business
  • health & fitness
  • and yes, the CF Games.

This Week’s Time Code:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:10 Video Breakdown for the week ahead
  • 3:38 Virtuosity vs. Intensity
  • 14:14 Go Ruck meets Turkey Trot
  • 27:48 Programming for the week ahead
  • 37:28 Cool Stuff