Pushups done-ish. July Challenge. Brush With Death. CF Medical Society. Diabetes T3, Bad Roomies. TWA 7.01.24

71 years old and kicking CrossFit ass! 
Kristina Thorson’s Dad, Jonathon, is visiting from Seattle and joined our Master’s Rx+ Class today. He’s kind of a badass and crushed the workout, which included strict HSPUs.
Even better, his wife trains just as hard as he does! CrossFit is a fountain of youth. 

“Your dreams don’t work unless you do.” John C. Maxwell

  • Push Ups DONE (ish) 
  • July Challenge Announced!
  • A Bit About Diablo: Brush With Death
  • 1776
  • CF Medical Society
  • Diabetes Type 3, The Boys & Bad Roommates
5000 PUSH UPS? DONE-ish. June is DONE! 4650 Push Ups and 4650 Squats (daily amount = 10x the date). Here’s my final thoughts:
  • The first set is the hardest. I’m surprised (or not) by how much I would procrastinate starting the first set of pushups. But, once I did my first set – usually 20 – I knew I was going to finish for the day.
  • The last 5 days are a mindf*ck. sooo many each day. Monotony is bad for exercise.
  • No soreness, just fatigue.  The last few days I’ve felt slow & tired at the end of the day. Only did CrossFit on Sundays and Wednesdays. Didn’t have mojo for workouts in the last 2 weeks.
  • ROM: my range of motion was ok, but not perfect. This challenge was about the volume for me (my excuse). I usually didn’t go “chest-to-ground” because I was outside (my backup excuse). I paid attention to squat depth but likely didn’t stand all the way up all of the time (don’t judge me).
  • Overall: this was a badass challenge. I wanted to quit several times. My pushups are sooo much better – can easily do 30-40 unbroken. Squats are faster and more efficient. In today’s CF workout I did 16 strict HSPUs to 2ab mats depth! (I gave up on these 2 years ago)
  • Oh Sh*t: can’t end on a funky #.  Only 350 more to 5000.. 
IF IT DID IT, SO CAN YOU:  Beginning July 1st, Diablo has posted a version of the Pushup challenge: “July – Push Squat Challenge” with a daily TOTAL (pushups + squats) of 10x the date. So, on the 1st of the month, the challenge is “10” = 5 pushups + 5 squats. On the 2nd, it’s 20 = 10 pushups + 10 squats and so on. Just put your totals on SW every day! If you’re not on Diablo’s Sugarwod, just write it on your phone calendar. 

A BIT ABOUT DIABLO – LEASE F’UP!!  In 2007, we leased a 1000sf former auto shop in Walnut Creek (2040 N.Main St) – behind Dorito Bros’ VW. Our lease was annual. We outgrew it quickly and in 2009 we found a 4000sf location in Pleasant Hill in the light industrial zone: high ceilings, roll-up garage doors, great price – perfect. We were so confident that we signed a 10 year lease with personal guarantees. This is the site of our current location, now 12,000sf (we expanded in 2012). When the lease was signed, we applied for and received a business license to operate. We built and installed our custom pull up rig, painted and built our our front room area. We purchased flooring and equipment. We were all in.

A few months after moving in, a city official stopped by to let us know that we could not use A-frame signage at the end of the street to advertise. He invited us to visit the city administration office and talk with the planning & zoning department. I drove to City Hall the next day. I’ll never forget that day.

After introducing myself to the zoning department, the zoning commissioner came to the counter and asked for our address. He then pulled out a large color coded zoning map and said calmly: “our light industrial zone does not permit fitness facilities.” My first reaction was surprise, but I figured, there must be an easy process to get approval.

“Ok, but, we have a business license from the city. So, what do we need to do to get approved?” I asked. The zoning commissioner replied with no emotion, “you’ll need change City zoning law. This means you’ll have to submit a plan that includes environmental studies, traffic and parking studies. The studies typically cost $10,000 – $30,00 each. Then, you’ll need to present to the City planning commission and get a majority vote approval. It can take years to change zoning laws. We advise you to move to a favorable zone.”  I was gut-punched, but resolute. I was going to figure a way out.

Shortly after my meeting with the City, we received a “cease & desist” from the zoning department which gave us 3 months to terminate our business. During that time, my partner and I began looking for alternative spaces to no avail. Our plan was to move, then sublease our current space. At the end of 3 months (and again in 6 months) I asked for and received an extension from the city. It was a nerve-wracking year for us but our business was growing fast.

Finally, at the end of our rope, we came up with a possible solution: sell fitness equipment. We could generate sales tax for the City and use our CrossFit business as “research & development” for our equipment designs. We made a presentation to the Zoning Commissioner and City Manager and they agreed to let us proceed, IF the zoning commission approved our plans. One month later, I made our proposal presentation a public zoning meeting with almost 100 Diablo members in the audience to show support. I was incredibly nervous, but the Diablo community support helped us carry the day and get a one-line “temporary conditional use permit” amendment to the zoning laws for light industrial area:  “fitness studios permitted if usage is less than 25% of total business square footage.” After 18 months of day-to-day fears of being shut down, we were able to operate. It was an epic day in our history and a demonstration of the power of our community.

And, that’s when we opened our equipment business: “Diablo Fitness Engineering”… more on that later.

JULY 4TH HOURS:  8AM – 12PM  – “1776” – Class Times: 8A, 9A, 10A, 11A

  • “1776”:  7-rounds starting every 4th minute (28min E4MOM): 1 Rope Climb, 7 DB Devil Press #35/50, 7 Box Jump Overs, 6 Pistols

NEW  – STRONG PLUS CLASS!  Diablo is replacing our Tue / Thu evening Strong Olympic Lifting class with “Strong+”.   Strong+ is a Olympic Lifting Training for competition! Any Diablo member can participate, but you’ll be asked to also register with USAW (USA Weightlifting) and commit to an official USAW Weightlifting Competition. 


June Focus: 1. Clean & Jerk  2. Snatch  3. Bar Gymnastics
  • Mon: BMU Skill Work. Metcon: 3RFT – 200m DB FR Carry & 12 Ring Rows.
  • Tue: Clean & Jerk Complex. Metcon: Amrap 6m – 4 Press, 8 PP, 12 FS  #75/115
  • Wed: Snatch Complex. Metcon: 6RFT – 8 K2E, 8 KB SDHP
  • Thu: “1776”  – E4MOMx7: 1 Rope, 7 DB DP, 7 BJO, 6 Pistols, rest.
  • Fri: Amrap 22m – 5 BMUs, 10 PC, 400m Run
  • Sat: 400m Row, 12/12 STOH, BFB, 400m Row, 9/9, 400m Row, 6/6, 400m Row
  • Sun: Amrap 12m – 6FS, 10 BJO, 200m Run  #95/135

Podcast YouTube: JRogan with Max Lugavere (The Genius Life Podcast) – “Alzheimers is Diabetes of the Brain” – I’m about 1hr into this one and am blown away by the information and discussion regarding dementia, including the bogus research that drove poor management and new revelations about “Diabetes Type 3″…

Our Current TV Favs: 
  • Craig – Prime: The Boys – Not sure how I didn’t know about this, especially since every fng meme currently on social media seems to come from this show. It’s an anti-super hero movie, portraying the heroes as real-life corporate-sponsored villains.
  • Yvonne – NetFlix: Worst Roommate Ever – admittedly I have trouble watching documentaries like this. I don’t want to know about these incredibly horrible people. Yvonne loves this stuff.  Holy crap.. these are some frightening stories.
Make it an awesome week!