RR24.1! Diablo 4 Sale? Low Bar v High Bar. Alzheimer Cure? $55b For Opioids TWA 6.10.24

Took a week off & traveled with the family to Avila Beach with the travel trailer.
Not pictured: the 3 dogs.. who had the most fun on the beach every day.

“Don’t allow your rituals to become ruts.”  Todd Henry

  • Time Away, Not Off
  • RR24.1: Time + Distance
  • CF4Sale? Diablo Too?
  • Low Bar vs. High Bar
  • Alzheimers Cure?
  • Can $55B End The Opioid Epidemic?
TIME AWAY NOT TIME OFF  Last week, Yvonne, Alana and I (and our 3 dogs!) headed down to a cool little RV Park at Avila Beach, just North of PismoWe managed to avoid the Bay Area heat wave and spent some time together away from the business. It took a couple days to unwind, but we finally relaxed and enjoyed the beach life and time away from work.

Not surprising, while we were able to kick back and relax – catch up on reading, see some sights, hang out on the beach with the dogs, and get in some bike rides – we also didn’t give up on our daily routines. I’d get up early and take the Huskies for a run on the beach and do some bodyweight exercises and Yvonne, (training for the Games) would get up, do her mobility work, then head out to a local CrossFit gym for a workout (thank you CrossFit Inferno!) Fitness is part of our lifestyles. Admittedly, missing out on exercise for more than a couple days is hard for us. Yes, it’s an addiction: we crave movement and strength training. 

For me, I love the idea of forced change: beach workouts, or dumbbell or kettlebell sessions. It was nice to not touch a barbell for a week. On D-Day, I was inspired to do 80 burpees on the beach in honor of the 80th anniversary. And, with no pressure to hurry to work, long beach walks with the dogs were awesome. 

On the nutrition side, Yvonne takes the lead (since she packs the food & does the meal prep!). We eat like we do at home, but we add in a few more meals at local restaurants. This week, fish was on the menu! Yvonne is far more strict than I am – she’s in training – but, we keep our diet pretty similar to what we eat at home. At 61 & 62yo, we notice quickly when we don’t eat well. 

At the end of the day, daily fitness and healthy nutrition are a lifestyle for us. I’m not flexing, just admitting that we love being very active and healthy – and the only way to do that, in my opinion, is to walk the walk, every damn day. Some days are harder than others, but the reward is very well worth it. 

TIME + DISTANCE: ROW’D ROYALTY 24.1 ANNOUNCED!  Our first workout for RR24 was announced on Wed. Each week we’re announcing TWO workouts to be completed by the follwing Monday: one for time and one for distance. We have AGE GROUPS and HEIGHT GROUPS! 

This week’s workouts are:

  • 24.1A FOR TIME: Row 2000 Meters
  • 24.1B FOR DISTANCE: Row 14 Minutes

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May Focus: 1. Overhead Squat  2. Clean Complex  3. Skill: Muscle Up Progressions


CrossFit Journal: Low Bar vs. High Bar Back Squat, May 2008, Mark Rippetoe. Mark is a renowned strength training coach who contributed significantly to CrossFit educational content in the early days. This is an excellent article on the benefits of each form of back squat – something Diablo’s coaches have discussed at length in our Coach Meetings. If you’re interested in proper execution of the squat – this is an excellent read!

Article/Research: Diet, exercise may slow decline in some Alzheimer’s patients: Study – I know this may seem obvious for most of us, but I’m putting it out there anyway. A healthy diet, walking and strength training has shown positive results in patients with signs of dementia. Years ago, Greg Glassman said to me: “Alzheimers is Diabetes of the Brain.”  If YOU know someone who may be experiencing symptoms of dementia, please urge them or their family to begin a simple regimen of walking and removing sugars & processed foods from their diet.

Podcast: Freakonomics Radio – Can $55B End the Opiod Epidemic? (PT2 of 3) I think EVERYONE should listen to these episodes. Opiods, especially current derivatives, are killing 10’s of thousands of Americans every year. In this episode, experts weigh in on the Purdue Pharma $55b settlement for their involvement in the crisis – and what should be done with the money. THIS IS NOT AN EASY FIX! Another amazing podcast.

Make it a great week!