Reverse The Covid "19"

A SugarWOD Challenge

Beginning January 1st (ending on Jan 31st) we’re launching our “RTC19 Challenge” to take back our health & fitness! Everyday in January you’ll have an opportunity to score points for your personal healthy lifestyle challenge.

We’ve identified the some of the biggest culprits causing weight gain and contributing to poor health. You’ll have a chance to take each of these items head on in January – and track your results. 

If you’re serious about this challenge, we recommend scheduling an InBody Test the last week of December or the 1st week of January so that you can see your results at the end of the month. You can book an InBody appointment here

Points can be earned as follows (max daily points = 60):

  • Complete a Diablo workout: 10pts
  • No alcohol: 10pts
  • No processed foods: 10pts
  • No sugar (as an ingredient): 10pts
  • Accumulate 30mins of walking: 10pts
  • Sleep 7+ hours: 10pts

This is an honor system challenge. Log your results daily in SugarWOD. And, share your experiences & questions to our Diablo Member FB Group.