Shaker Cup Podcast #6: Jason Falcon, Nutrition Coach

Jason Falcon Talks Holiday Nutrition, Late Night Eating & Protein!

Jason Falcon, Founder, Owner & Coach, believes that the best diet for any one person is a way of eating that can be sustained the longest while feeling the best. You have a life, a job, a family, you want and need to be able to eat in a way that does not mean you can’t live real life. Jason has lived the experience, personally transforming himself by losing almost 90lbs! In the last 5 years, Jason has worked with over 3,000 clients around the world. He is a CrossFitter and an accomplished endurance athlete. 

In this episode of Shaker Cup, I ask Jason about:

  • How to plan your nutrition during the holidays
  • How much protein should we really be eating every day?
  • Late night eating and snacking

Falcon works with individuals who are ready to learn how to manage their nutrition to transform themselves:  to lose weight and keep it off for good and/or to improve athletic performance. You can learn about his programs by visiting our nutrition page: Diablo Nutrition With Jason Falcon.