Shelter-In-Place Update 4.28.20 – Undeterred


Hello everyone,

By now you’ve heard the news that the State of California Shelter-In-Place order has been extended until June 1st. Additionally, under the Governor’s new gradual-re-opening plan, gyms have been categorized as “Phase 3” and are potentially months away from opening. Obviously this is frustrating news for us and others who need to get back to work, especially since the curve has been flattened as previously described by experts. Diablo and other CrossFit gym owners are petitioning to open sooner as are other small business owners. No matter the outcome, we will persevere.

Use & enjoy your equipment.

If you have equipment and are continuing your membership with us – thank  you – and please continue to put our gear to good use. Remember, please keep your gear stored in a covered area or indoors and don’t drop the dumbbells. We will be sure to email you as soon as we need the equipment back. And, if you need additional equipment, we have a few items left in the gym and are willing to lend it out to current members. Send an email to

We Have A Plan Too

Going forward, Diablo has a 3-part plan of our own: (1) more Zoom, (2) more challenges and (3) more community fun.

  1. We’re going to add some morning Zoom classes for our early crew including a 6AM Class (MW) and a 9AM class (MWF). If you haven’t tried a Zoom class yet, please, fire up your laptop and give it a shot!
  2. Andrew has some great challenges planned to keep us improving our fitness and nutrition – ‘cause it ain’t easy being so close to the kitchen and couch every day.
  3. We’re planning some safe-distance outings at the track, open-space and maybe in the parking lot to help us get our community fix! And, we’re going to do Memorial Day ‘Murph..somehow, some way. Stay tuned.

Homecoming Strategy

Once we’re cleared to open and run classes, we’ll have clear protocols for maintaining safe distances and cleanliness. For example:

  • Members will sign-in and check in automatically on our app. There will be no need to come into the lobby.
  • Members will be directed to enter through one of the large roll-up doors and exit via the opposite roll-up door.
  • We will have designated areas marked on the floor for each class member (10’x10’) – similar to the Open or Amazing Grace – we’ve done this before!.
  • Classes will be scheduled with a 15 minute grace period at the end for cleaning and exiting.
  • We’ll have plenty of wipes and our staff will help maintain a clean environment as well.
  • The Open Gym and Strong Room will have attendance limits each hour. Access will be through the same large roll-up door, and exits will be allowed via the glass doors in the Open Gym area.

With the above procedures in place, I am very confident that Diablo will operate a very safe environment for our members. We’ll communicate formally with everyone once a firm opening date is established.

In the meantime, thank you for your continuing support and positivity during this challenging time. We love seeing your social media posts in your home gyms, outdoors and especially with your families.

My very best to you and your families,