Shinrin-Yoku. Qrtrs Start Wed. Maddie Was Brilliant! Dig A Hole Build A Cabin & Live Longer. TWA 4.15.24

Two 10′ Super Fans Should Cool Things Down A Bit .. and So Quiet.

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.”   Banksy

  • Nature Heals
  • Indy & Age Group QuarterFinals Start Wed.
  • Podcast: Maddie Was Brilliant!
  • Backyard Cabin
  • Live Longer – Put Your Shoes On
SHINRIN-YOKU – NATURE HEALS  I’m always a little bit surprised by the burst of energy that washes over me when I head into Open Space each day to walk my dogs. Admittedly, there are some days when I’d rather just let them run around in the backyard so I can go back to bed, or just hang out, drink my coffee and scroll on my phone. But, without fail, as soon we’re outside and especially, when we’re in nature, I’m energized and eager to go a little longer. Not surprising, so are my dogs. 

I’m fortunate to reside near Open Space, which allows me to spend at least an hour each day immersed in nature. My best thinking and planning happen when I’m out on my walks, runs or rucks. There are some days when I have a head full of ideas and other notes that I write down when I return. There’s something mentally liberating about a walk in nature, alone with your thoughts – especially if you leave your phone behind. Problems or challenges don’t seem as significant or insurmountable. Stress seems to fade away and creativity flows. 

The Japanese have a term for the health benefits of spending time in nature:  Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing). In fact, they’ve conducted fairly extensive research on Shinrin-Yoku and have discovered that it helps reduce stress, improve attention, boost immunity and lift mood. And, researchers found, the benefits are long lasting. My experience is the same.

We have officially entered the most beautiful time of the year for hiking in the East Bay Area but, unfortunately, it does not last for long. My favorite time of day for hiking is in the early morning – my daughter likes early evening. Our favorite trails are Shell Ridge, and Briones. Sugarloaf is a small park, but really close. Lime Ridge and Castle Rock are beautiful too. And, the Martinez marina park is gorgeous. Really, there’s no shortage of beautiful trails in our area.  

Pick a day or two of the week and add a hike to your fitness routine. It’s very easy to get addicted.  

TWEET OF THE WEEK (#dontfollowme): The CrossFit Games is to CrossFit what Toyota Racing is to Toyota Motor Corp – a demonstration of the ultimate performance capacity of the methodology (engineering) and an extreme testing program for future innovation.


  • New Overhead Fans! Things should be a little cooler this summer. 
  • Individual & Age Group Quarterfinals: April 17 – 22. Workout times:
    • Wed 4/17:  2PM & 6:30PM
    • Thu/Fri 4/18&19:  11A, 2PM & 6:30PM
    • Sat: 4/20: 12:30PM
    • Sun: 4/21: 11:30AM
  • Friday Ruck/HIke:  Meet at 6:30A at the end of Whitecliff (off of Rudgear)


April Focus: 
1. Back Squat / Floor Press 2. Loaded Carries  Skill: Balance


YouTube Rabbit Hole: Man Builds 2-Room Log CABIN Underground – my new YouTube playlist is all about off-the-grid homes and tiny-home kits. This one appears so simple, yet is so impressively built. He literally dug a hole in his yard and build a log home.

YouTube: Rhonda Patrick – High Intensity Exercise & Longevity – High intensity training literally reverses aging of the heart and brain. One of my favorite health researchers, Dr. Rhonda Patrick spoke at the recent CrossFit Health Conference. This is one to share with your friends when they ask “Why CrossFit?”

IG: Old Man/Woman Test – I’m obsessed with this. 
Make it a great week!