Teen Champs! HARD SH*T. Murph Registration. What’s AI Got To Say? TWA 05.20.24

Diablo Teen Strong Athletes Eleanor Cler (left) and Jane Levy (right) both qualified for the USAW National Junior Weightlifting Championships in Pittsburgh, PA, June 15-23. Eleanor and Jane both started in Diablo’s Teen Strong program under Coach Corey Mendoza. They fell in love with Olympic lifting and graduated to 1/1 Coaching and Strong Class. Both competed recently in local competitions and hit the numbers they needed to qualify for Nationals.
Congratulations Eleanor & Jane and Coach Corey!! 

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” Amelia Earhart

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MAKE NO MISTAKE.. ITS HARD AF   CrossFit recently posted on IG a list of things that you can find at your local CrossFit gym: 
  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Stress Management
  • Social Community
  • Belief in Yourself
  • Mood Enhancement
  • Goal-Setting and Achievement
  • Continuous Learning
  • Health
Some within the CrossFit community aren’t fans of this type of messaging, primarily because it masks the effort required to achieve the outcome. All of the above items are found at a CrossFit gym, but you’ll have to make a serious commitment, demonstrate humility and put in the work. An, while we will always scale to meet the athlete’s fitness and abilities, the work is often hard af.

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. Functional movements include weightlifting, gymnastics and endurance exercises. These 3 things, when combined in a workout can leave new athletes feeling overwhelmed and in some cases, incapable.The first 3 months will test your will – almost trying to break you down. Some people quit. It’s understandable. 

However, after the the first 3 months, if participation has been consistent, the workouts are more bearable, the movement patterns smoother and the physical results more visible. After 3 months, ALL of the above “things you’ll find at a CrossFit” gym become more apparent. You likely have your  CrossFit “crew”, you’re feeling more confident, you’re eager to learn more, your health is improving, you’re feeling better and looking better. Friends and family likely notice. 

Yes, CrossFit is truly life-improving in many ways. But, like most things in life, you have to do the work. And, its hard af.

MURPH – MON MAY 27:  Class Times – 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A & 10A. Registration is now open! Please: commit to your class time. We are limiting class sizes to 30. There will be no Open Gym.

ROW’D ROYALTY 2024: Jun 6 – Jun 24  Diablo’s worldwide indoor rowing competition begins on June 6th! It’s an “OPEN Style” competition over 3 weeks with workouts announced each week. Our claim to fame is our unique athlete categories: HEIGHT.  Height categories allow for a fair competition on the Concept2 erg. All athletes must register by height – Standard or Tall.  For women, the “Tall” category is 5’6″ and above. For men, the “Tall” category is 5’11” and above. Row’d Royalty Age Groups include: 40-49, 50-59, 60-69. 


  • North America West Semi Finals: May 24-26, Dignity Health Sports Complex, Carson, CA (Home Depot Center)
  • MURPH! Monday, May 27th.
  • Row’d Royalty: June 6-24th


May Focus: 
1. Front Squat 2. DL & Press.  Skill Focus: “‘Murph” Prep


Article: Signs of Alzheimer’s were everywhere. Then his brain improved. Blood bio-markers showed early-onset Alzheimers at 55. So, Simon went to work: exercise, diet and stress reduction.

YT: Chat GPT4o – Realtime Conversation Translation  – this is incredible and instantly useful especially for international travel and available RIGHT NOW. Download the ChatGpt App & click on the headphones icon.

YT: Chat GPT4o – Two AI Devices Communicate with Each Other and Singing – again.. amazing. It’s easy to understand how AI might be able to provide companionship. It’s also a bit scary – can’t help but be reminded of Hal

YT: Sample Uses for ChatGPT
Make it a great week!