February Nutrition Challenge


As part of our #fitnessisalifestyle campaign, I am going to create small nutrition challenges that you can work on each month! The goal isn’t perfection here.. it’s just to become a “little bit better” than you were yesterday.  This is how we create new habits and lasting change.  Let’s use each other for motivation and new ideas!!

The challenge for FEBRUARY is: Add one more serving of vegetables each day.

I like to focus on what we can ADD to our diets vs what we should take out.  So this month, I would like you to try and ADD just ONE MORE SERVING OF A VEGETABLE, EVERYDAY 🙂 We will count a ‘serving’ as a ‘fist size’.

Vegetables are a crucial part of our diet as that’s where we get all our phytonutrients that fight off disease! Ever heard that you should “eat the rainbow”? We get different vitamins, minerals and nutrients from different foods so variety is important. Check out your local farmers market and try a new vegetable that’s in season. You may just discover a new favorite food!

I also recommend changing the way you cook your vegetables to keep things interesting!  Steamed Kale tastes way different than Kale sauteed in bacon fat. You may not care for a food one way, but just changing the way you cook it could make it more appealing.  Here are several ways to try:

Baking – Boiling – Steaming – Stir Fry – Saute – Roast – Grill – Stew – Blanch

Our friend GOOGLE makes it really easy to find new recipes or ideas on how to make food more interesting. It just takes a little bit of time and planning 😉

And as always, let’s post some pictures of you crushing this challenge on Facebook and Instagram with #fitnessisalifestyle and #diablocrossfit.

Coach Jennifer