ROMWOD + SugarWOD. 1st Place! Leaderboard This. Ventilate & CBD. The Week Ahead 3.29.21

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” Karen Lamb

ROMWOD on SUGARWOD! Beginning this week, Diablo will be posting daily Romwod videos to the SugarWod track “RomWod”. Romwod is the acronym for Range of Motion Workout of the Day. Think of it as mobility PLUS yoga. Flexibility and mobility can improve dramatically with consistent effort. Romwod’s 10-20 minute videos make it easy to stay on track with guided mobility work & meditation sessions. Look for the track “Romwod” and let’s get flexy!

END OF THE OPEN CELEBRATION  Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated the end of the CrossFit Games 2021 Open. This event was the first step toward a return to normal for Diablo and most of us. Held outside, we barbequed, relaxed and shared Open experiences. It was really cool to see all the families, pets and members enjoying the outdoors and each other!  

FIRST PLACE!  The San Jose Mercury News published an article today disclosing the amount of fines to businesses for mandate violations over the last year. Santa Clara County delivered a brutal $5 million in fines to businesses – leading the Bay Area (ironically, also leading the Bay Area in Covid cases). Contra Costa County was 2nd on the list with $25,600 in fines to 29 businesses. The article stated that Incontro restaurant in Danville was the leading offender with $6,500, however, Diablo CrossFit was fined a total of $6,750 – making us the most fined business Contra Costa County. Sadly, Diablo and Incontro’s fines were 50% of the total in CCC. 27 other businesses received the other 50%. 

Here’s the problem. Small business fines had zero impact on Covid cases. Furthermore, none of these Counties, nor the State, have disclosed their contact tracing data to justify the penalties. At Diablo, we have had more than 40,000 visits to our gym since September 1st with ZERO cases reported from our facility. We have relied on excessive ventilation and safe-distancing measures – common sense for avoiding exposure.

CFG LEADERBOARD DIABLO WATCH LIST! Diablo is always there.. The next stage of the CrossFit Games is the Individual, Team, Teens & Masters Online Qualifiers. The online qualifiers begin April 8th with the Individual qualifier – 4 days & 5 workouts (likely). The Team qualifier will begin on April 22nd and the Age Group qualifier will begin on May 6th following similar formats as the individuals. Diablo has several athletes vying for qualification in every division!

Individual Men/Women: Check the Open Men/Women’s leaderboards for these potential qualifying athletes who must make the top 10% in North America:

  • Alessandra Pichelli
  • Antonia (Annie) Clark
  • Lara Erlank
  • Jillian Robards 
  • Cynthia Pammet
  • Hayden Cherry
  • Kendra Watters
  • Jonathan Castro
  • Nick Culum
  • Jackson Miller

Team!: Check out the Open Team leaderboard for Diablo CrossFit Anejo – which takes the scores of our top 4 athletes each week! Anejo has to make the top 10% in North America. (Currently we’re in the top 10 in N.A and top 15 in the world.. But that will change as scores are entered and individual athletes are removed if they elect to go “indy”).

Teens & Masters! Check out the Age Group leaderboards for these awesome Diablo athletes who are vying to make the Teens or Masters Online Qualifier (must be in the to 10% worldwide!)  #classfit:

  • Kennedy Kissack (14/15)
  • Taylor Madge (14/15)
  • Melissa Chatterton (50-54)
  • Kim Hilen (50-54)
  • Davida Jones (50-54)
  • Gwen Holtan (55-59)
  • Yvonne Howard (55-59)
  • Jamie Lee (35-39)
  • Jason Berger (35-39)
  • Sam Mendes (35-39)
  • Eric Albertoni (35-39)
  • Chad Svobda (40-44)
  • Dean Quiambao (40-44)
  • Mark Mooney (50-54)
  • Craig Howard (55-59)
  • Ted Peterson (55-59) 

TWEET OF THE WEEK  “If you want a superhuman immune system, then think of sugar, processed foods and alcohol as kryptonite.”


CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Listening To or Watching)

 It’s About Ventilation.. Last week the CDC updated their “ventilation recommendations” for businesses and schools. Not surprisingly, they are very similar to the protocols that we put in place early last year for our members. They’ve also added CO2 monitors to help measure air quality – another item we’ve had since August. Frankly, these are common sense measures that HVAC experts were recommending long ago. Ultimately, we can only catch a virus from contact with another person. Obviously a breeze of fresh air would impede the transmission of an aerosol virus. Thus, the need for fresh air and fans.

CBD & Alzheimers Rhonda Patrick is at it again! This week, she shared a cool piece of data about the positive of affects of CBD on Alzheimer markers in animal tests. “CBD, a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis, improved Alzheimer’s symptoms, slowed cognitive decline and increased the function of 2 proteins that reduce the accumulation of beta-amyloid plaques in animal models with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.”

Are Recent Cohorts Getting Worse? Trends in US Adult Physiological Status, Mental Health, and Health Behavior across a Century of Birth Cohorts File this one in “obvious”..  “Researchers found that, compared to previous generations, members of Generation X and Generation Y showed poorer physical health, higher levels of unhealthy behaviors such as alcohol use and smoking, and more depression and anxiety.” The culprits: diet, lack of physical activity and social media. 

Make it an awesome week!