All good. Sovereign Immunity. Athena. RR21.2. Open Clinics. IF Bonus. Crime & Punishment. The Week Ahead 1.25.21

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. Marie Curie

ALL THAT IS GOOD  There’s been quite a bit of negativity in my social media frustrations are boiling over. Despite our operating challenges and the fear of Covid19, there have been some amazing transformations and accomplishments happening inside Diablo – and those are what strongly motivate Yvonne and I to keep up the fight. Katya Hoogerhuisshared her amazing mental & physical transformation since September 1st (18lbs!). Tom Jones has been motivated to get back to Diablo regularly, despite a strong urge to NOT go. Our December Member PRs were absolutely incredible given our class limitations and other challenges. And, our Community for Affiliates GoFundMe was able to help 5 affiliates stay in the game! So, thank you, Diablo Community for focusing on what’s really important and trusting us.

SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY  On Friday, I met with my attorney to assemble our data and prepare for our upcoming hearing regarding our 5 fines for operation during the mandatory shutdown. When I asked about the possibility of suing the State for damages or for an injunction on the mandates – he educated me on “Sovereign Immunity”. Basically, sections 818.2 and 821 of the Code immunize the County and State and its employees from liability for damages for enacting or failing to enact laws or enforcing or failing to enforce duly enacted laws.

Unfortunately the legal road is long and expensive – and filled with many potential hazards, mostly time & money. I do not want to be fighting this battle a year after we’ve re-opened completely. That said, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about our government and legal systems. The lesson for all of us is to be very thoughtful about who we vote into positions of power, given the amount of power that lies within their grasp.

WELCOME COACH ATHENA  Coach Athena is our newest Coach at Diablo! We’re excited to have her on board. She is an L1 Coach has been CrossFitting since 2013 and formerly coached at Concord CrossFit. She’s also a nutrition wizard, with a BA in Nutrition & Public Health from UC Berkeley and a Holistic Nutrition degree from Bauman College. She’s an awesome addition to our team.

ROW’D ROYALTY  21.2  “10 Minutes To Midnight” – this is a repeat of 20.4. Row as far as you can in 10 minutes. Oooph! If you know your number from last year, it only makes it worse. The suffer is real. Last week, 21.1 saw some AMAZING 2k row times – including several sub-6’s on the men’s side and sub-7s on the women’s side. Crazy fast. Check out Andrew and I having a little fun talking about it!

OPEN READY – CLINICS  The CrossFit Open begins on March 11th. We have a pretty good idea of what movements we can expect. So, Coach Lara has put together a series of small group (max 4 ppl) skill clinics for members to help improve technique before the Open. These clinics include two skills, a primary & secondary and a burner at the end. Each clinic will be offered 2x: Sundays at 12:30 and Fridays at 5:30p. Register on our app: $40 per clinic or, $199 for 6. Clinics started today!

  1. Primary: Toes to Bar, Secondary: Wall Balls
  1. Primary: Handstand Pushups, Secondary: Box Jumps
  1. Primary: Rowing, Secondary: DB Box Step Overs
  1. Primary: Double Unders, Secondary: DB Snatch
  1. Primary: Barbell Cycling, Secondary: Burpee Variations
  2. Primary: Pullups (kipping and butterfly), Secondary: Thrusters

And, look for more small group skill clinics from coaches soon!

RTC19 NUTRITION CHALLENGE BONUS! We’re in the last week of our January Nutrition Challenge and, we’re adding a kicker: Intermittent Fasting Bonus! We’re seeing some amazing physical results already – the stories are motivating. Check out the points results here.  This week, you can score up to 90 total points with our IF bonus: 12 Hour Fast = 10pts, 14hrs = 20pts and 16hrs = 30pts! Just add it to your daily total. Post your experience in our FB group!

WORKOUTS THIS WEEK (check Sugarwod Track “Workout Of The Day”)  Check out the videos on Sugarwod or on YouTube (PRsAllDay)

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Listening To or Watching)

Crime & Punishment – Fyodor Dostoevsky – This was highly recommended by Dave Castro. Just getting started! It was first published in 1866 and is a story about the moral dilemmas of an impoverished ex-student in Saint Petersburg who formulates a plan to kill an unscrupulous pawnbroker for her money. I’ll update as I go.

New Study Identifies Greatest Risk Factors From Covid-19  Kinda obvious, but reassuring to know that we’re doing the right thing!

Netflix: The Imposters – a little corny but a fun and entertaining grift flick.

Make it an awesome week!