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CrossFit Wants To Be Your Doctor

“Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.” Pope John Paul II
CROSSFIT PRECISION CARE: FORWARD-THINKING HEALTH CARE:  On Tuesday, CrossFit officially announced the launch of “CrossFit Precision Care!” – preventative and proactive healthcare from a CrossFit Certified MD and Health Coach. CF Precision Care Doctors combine cutting-edge genomic medicine, biomarker testing, biometric tracking, and your personal goals to develop a holistic health plan. Your CF Precision Care will become your primary care physician with an eye on treating root causes rather than symptoms and aim to prevent disease, not just treat it.  They’ll help optimize your fitness, diet, sleep, recovery, supplements, and lifestyle for a better and healthier you. Click on the link to get on the waiting list!
Diablo’s Coach Lara Erlank is one of the first CrossFit Precision Care Health Coaches! Health Coaches help CF Precision Care members stay on track and make adjustments to optimize results. And, Diablo member, Dr. Tom McCoy MD, is also a CF Precision Care MD! Be sure to congratulate them on this awesome new venture for the CrossFit community.
OUR COACHES ARE OK (except one): Our Mobile App service provides a ranking option for every class & coach. In 2021, Diablo coaches received 223 “5-Star” reviews from our members! Only 1 coach…picked up a less than stellar rating & review (“meh”). Thank you for the love! Our coaches really are amazing. We meet every week to workout together, review programming, talk about member progress & injuries, and learn new skills. Almost all are CrossFit L2 or L3 and the others will be soon! And remember, they’re all available for 1/1 sessions to help you improve your skills, strength, endurance or maybe just for accessory or event prep programming. Just ask at the front desk. In the meantime, I’ll be sharing your awesome ratings and reviews with our Coaches.
CONTRA COSTA #’S:  The news is good: Contra Costa County numbers continue to improve dramatically, with 1,377 total cases (down 75% from Aug 14th peak). Hospitalizations are at a 7 day average of 74 patients (down 66% from Aug 23 – 220).
RX+:  Congratulations to Progressive Programming & Coach Jamie Lee for launching RX+ programming to the world on Sugarwod! Our Diablo RX+ athletes have been testing this programming since the end of August. This programming is a supplement to daily class workouts for athletes who consistently hit the top of the leaderboard with daily workouts and need extra accessory work and scaled-up class workouts to take their fitness to the next level. The workouts & accessory programming align with PR’s monthly strength & skill cycles.
70% IS A GOOD START  Diablo’s 4th Quarter Healthy Habit Challenge on Sugarwod is underway – and it’s not easy. Habit tracking is a great way to keep you on point with habits that improve your health and keep your weight in check. Removing sugar & processed carbs seems to be the hardest – understandable. Walks, sleep, exercise are next. And, surprisingly difficult is “no Social Media” the final 10 pts. See if you can hit 100 at least once per week! And be sure to put include some notes on how you feel!
TWEET OF THE WEEK:  Andrew Yang: “It’s not left vs right, it’s the people vs. a system designed to turn us against each other.”
October Focus:

  • Primary:  Front Squats
  • Secondary: Deadlift + Benchpress
  • Skill: Rower Pacing

The week ahead:

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Hearing, Watching, Using or Buying)
Coach Tricia’s IVF Journey: Egg Retrieval #2 – Diablo’s Coach Tricia has documented her amazing 2+ year fertility journey on her cool blog “”.  3 Weeks ago she underwent surgery for a 2nd egg retrieval which will soon lead to an implant of a fertile embryo! But first, hormone therapy. For anyone who has been through this process, you can appreciate the incredible emotions and physical challenges.  
The Devastating Ways Depression and Anxiety Impact the Body – I’ve heard it quite a bit these last 18 months: “I come to Diablo for my mental health”. The pandemic and resulting media and Government restrictions have created a firestorm of mental health issues. And, the resulting impact on the physical body can be devastating.
Letchen Du Plessis: “Semi-Bionic”: This is an incredible story of how a collegiate athlete (Letchen du Plessis) went from relearning how to walk to becoming a CrossFit Games adaptive athlete. Her injury, healing & recovery story is remarkable.
Make it an awesome week!