Normal. Andrew’s PR. Rogue. Early Strong. Future of the Games. Light. Maid. Squids. The Week Ahead 11.01.21

Where is all the knowledge we lost with information?  T. S. Eliot
BACK TO NORMAL One of the things I’m most proud of is the “normal” environment we’ve created at Diablo CrossFit. When you walk through our doors and into class or open gym, there are no signs, no masks and no fear. For an hour each day, our gym is a place where life is normal and the pandemic briefly forgotten. People smile, talk and workout together. Mental health is improved along with physical health. Thank you to our community for your trust & support. Together we are leading the way back to normal.
ANDREW’S AMAZING PR:  Did you hear about Andrew Lloyd’s PRs? The first was his 3 rep max Deadlift. But the 2nd PR was most important: his Doctor told him he is no longer “pre-Diabetic”. Check it out on Instagram.
ROGUE NAILED IT  This weekend, Rogue Fitness hosted the “Rogue Invitational” CrossFit  and Strongman Competition in  Austin, Texas. The best CrossFit athletes and Strongman competitors in the world came together for separate competitions held simultaneously at an awesome venue, The Dell Diamond baseball park. Through a creative crowd-share strategy, the athlete prize purse was more than $1million. Daily events alternated from CrossFit to Strongman – and the crowd loved it. Strongman competitions have traditionally been relegated to large parking lots with small crowds. This venue and event gave them the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of a fitness passionate crowd. By the way, not surprisingly, the Fittest Athletes in the world, Tia Toomey and Justin Medieros both took 1st place in their divisions, adding substantially to their competition income this year!
EARLY BIRD GETS THE LIFT – NEW 5:30A STRONG CLASS!  Coach Corey will be on hand early on Tue & Thu for Strong Class: 5:30A – 7AM.  Reserve on the app.
TURKEY TROT  Our Annual “Totally UnOfficial” Turkey Trot will be held at Hidden Lakes Park in Martinez this year on Thanksgiving morning – Nov 25th. Start time: 8:30ish. Family & friends welcome. Our Turkey Trot features a 2 mile trail run & CrossFit obstacle course. For families with children & strollers, we’ll have a cool course set up on the track & walking paths.
100K CHALLENGE.. OH NO! Its that time of year.. Beginning the day after Thanksgiving and running until Christmas eve, athletes must accumulate 100,000 meters on a rower, bike, or ski erg or, running or swimming. The 100KMC Challenge raises funds for charities – last year it was the Wounded Warrior Foundation. This event attracts a lot of gyms and endurance athlete groups. In 2020, the Diablo CrossFit community was the #1 Gym in the world for total meters accumulated. Co-Captains Katya Hoogerhuis and Coach Chad will be hosting movie nights and other events to help keep us at the top! Register now and stay tuned for more in our FB Members group.
TWEET(S) OF THE WEEK:  Kill the mandates and use some of the $1.7T to build preventative HVAC systems in schools.
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  • Primary:  Thrusters.. wtf?
  • Secondary: Deadlift Deload
  • Skill: Couplets, Triplets, Quads – EMOMS

The week ahead:

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Hearing, Watching, Using or Buying)
Talking Elite Fitness with Justin Bergh – Past, Present & Future of the CrossFit Games – If you want to learn about the CrossFit Games and where it’s headed, this is a fantastic podcast. Justin Bergh – the Director of the CF Games (now VP Sports & Partnerships) talks about the challenges of the last 3 years, including the massive restructuring, layoffs and the rebuilding of the Games and the sport in the last year. It is an excellent discussion. Justin is an impressive guy having survived and thrived in an incredibly tumultuous environment.
Yvonne’s PickUsing Light To Control Brain State – Huberman Lab – Dr. Huberman hosts Dr. Samer Hattar, Chief of the Section on Light and Circadian Rhythms at the National Institute of Mental Health. They discuss how to determine and use your individual light sensitivity to determine the optimal sleep-wake cycle for you. They also discuss how to combine your light viewing and waking time with the timing of your food intake and exercise in order to maximize mental and physical functioning.
MAID – Netflix – We really enjoyed this short series that deals with the topic of spousal emotional abuse as experienced by a young mother in Alaska. The characters and story are very compelling.
Dune – The Movie – Alana and I have read the book, so we saw this on IMAX and loved it. It was not fast-paced, but the story was very true to the book and the special effects were outstanding. Looking forward to the sequels.
Squid Game – I feel like this is more of a confession than a recommendation. Gotta hand it to the producers, while very gruesome, it’s an incredibly compelling series. I never like “dubbed” movies, but after a few minutes, you overlook it.
Make it an awesome week!