Payin’ It Forward. CO2. NY,NY. 100KMC!, 3Docs & 2nd Brain…The Week Ahead 12.14.20

“Bad times have a scientific value. These are occasions a good learner would not miss.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

PAY IT FORWARD Last week, Diablo member Omar Gabr launched a GoFundMe to help Diablo CrossFit cover our fines assessed for being open indoors during the most recent shutdown. It quickly shot to more than $20,000 after being shared, literally around the CrossFit world! Yvonne and I have been humbled and now motivated to pay it forward. Thank you to everyone who made a contribution to this fund. We have been going through the list of donors and are blown away by your generosity.

In order to pay it forward, we launched a GoFundMe to help other Affiliates that may be under financial strain cover their fees or fines so they can thrive in 2021:  Community For Affiliates. And, we took $10,000 from our Diablo GFM to help get it started! So our amazing community has helped us bigtime and now, they’re helping other affiliates in need.

I’ve been in contact with affiliate owners over the last 3 months, and many are suffering. Multiple Government shutdowns and residual losses from the CEO and brand crisis at CrossFit have severely impacted memberships. Affiliate owners are struggling to deal with local mandates for training outdoors or, online only. And to make matters worse, politicians have branded gyms as dangerous. It will take years for many to overcome this crisis. Please, if you can, make a contribution and share the link on  your social media. Yvonne and I have been highly motivated by the support of our community – together we can do the same for others.

Link to Community For Affiliates GoFundMe

LEVELING UP! CO2 MONITORS INSTALLED  Several HVAC experts recommended CO2 monitors to me as a way to measure air quality at Diablo, especially during full classes. These monitors are a “canary in a coal mine” to let us know if CO2 levels are rising excessively (possibly due to breathing). They do not measure CV transmission risk, but will be a control measure for us to manage class sizes and ventilation. We want to minimize or eliminate recirculated air. Outdoor air CO2 is somewhere between 250ppm (parts per million) and 400ppm. Our readings have been 420ppm – 522ppm. The Fed Environmental Agency says <1000ppm is harmless (CO2). Germany recommends <700 for classrooms during an epidemic.

NEW YORK’S CONTACT TRACING DATA TELLS THE STORY  As suspected, contact data from 46,000+ cases in NY showed that 74% of CV cases originated from family & friend gatherings. Only .06% originated from gyms. Less than .05% came from salons. Link to data graphic.

EMAIL CAMPAIGN  Thank you to everyone who wrote to the Contra Costa County Supervisor (Karen Mitchoff – about the mandates and your experience at Diablo. While Ms. Mitchoff is undeterred in her efforts to shut down gyms, salons and outdoor dining, our voices were heard! She knows who Diablo is and, knows that our community supports our opening and feels safe. We’ll keep working on her and others to affect change.

CHRISTMAS HOURS (subject to change)

  • Thu, 12/24: 6AM – 1PM. Last class at 12P.
  • Fri, 12/25: Closed
  • Sat, 12/26: 7A – 2PM. Last class at 11A

100KMC – HOLY WOW! – Friday Night Movie Nights and Sunday Morning Meters are paying off as the Diablo team puts down some crazy numbers for the 100,000 Meter Challenge! We have until December 24th, so don’t take your foot off the gas. We’ve put almost a million meters on 2nd place, but we’ve seen big comebacks in the past. Nice work!

WORKOUTS THIS WEEK (check Sugarwod Track “Workout Of The Day”)  Check out the videos on Sugarwod or on YouTube (PRsAllDay)


Open Letter From 3 Doctors:  Three John Muir Doctors wrote an open letter to our County government questioning the current business shutdown mandates, testing data, and demanding supporting data. This is an excellent read crafted by 3 very experienced and senior MDs at our County’s largest hospital. Side note: Dr. Pete Mazolewski is a former multi-year DCF’r!

Hey, There’s A Second Brain In Your Gut:  This is fascinating as heck! A couple of my news sources fed me this article and the source article (linked). As suspected our gut plays a huge role in our health – more than previously thought. Our approximately seven-metre long gastrointestinal (GI) tract has its own functionally distinct neurons. Since this enteric nervous system (ENS) operates autonomously, it is sometimes referred to as the “second” or “abdominal” brain. While the ENS controls muscle movement (peristalsis) in the gut and its fluid balance and blood flow, it also communicates with the immune system and microbiome. It therefore has a systemic affect on the body and is thought to be involved in a wide range of diseases.

Make it an awesome week!