The Week Ahead 12.22.19

The Week Ahead 12.22.19

“Don’t let perfection become procrastination. Do it now.” Danielle LaPorte

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: Closed on Christmas Day. Short schedule on Christmas Eve.  Dec 26 early AM classes canceled. Extra CrossFit classes added in the AM! Four CrossFit classes  on New Year’s Day!  Click here for the full Holiday Schedule

“FIT OVER FIFTY” COMING TO DIABLO: When it comes to CrossFit for 50+ year olds, Diablo certainly knows what to do! Now, under the expertise of Coach Leka, we’re launching 4-week clinics for anyone 50-80 years old – no matter their experience or fitness level. This program will meet 3x a week and is designed as a gradual and custom introduction to CrossFit. Our goal is to improve, strength, fitness, endurance, flexibility and thus, the overall quality of life of everyone who joins.

100,000 METER CHALLENGE UPDATE: Diablo members have amassed 3.9million meters so far. We are the 2nd place gym and 1st place CrossFit gym. Only 2 days remain to finish your meters! Here’s the latest leaderboard:

  • Nicole Rogers 402,788
  • Kim Hilen 157,300
  • Lynne Silverfoote 146,399
  • Chad Svobda 128,679
  • Jason Willis 117,581

100,000+ Meters Done!:  Carol Wu, Ellen Fletcher, Kelly Williams, Linda McCampbell, Amanda Moore, Robert Dawson, Hayden Hughes, Kelsey Sakaida, Katya Hoogerhuis, Dana Maiorana, Natalie Wade, Jill Thompson, Matt Snyder, Mark Mooney, Ted Peterson.

WIN A CONCEPT 2 ROWER! ROW’D ROYALTY 2020 BEGINS JANUARY 16th! Just like the Open, one workout will be announced each week on Thursday. You’ll have until Monday at 6PM PT to complete the workout. All of the workouts are completed on the rower – and are extremely creative, fun and great tests of rowing capacity. Also, Concept 2 will be awarding a brand new Rower (or bike or ski erg) to one lucky participant each week – via a raffle. To participate, you only need to register and complete the workout of the week!  Register now for our amazing online rowing competiton!


NEW – DIABLO SUPPLEMENTS IN THE PRO-SHOP! We only sell what works – and what I’d take myself. And, because our packaging company is local, we’re able to offer our supplements at a better price. Check out the full-line here.

  • Grassfed Whey Protein ($49.99)
  • Recovery Protein ($44.99)
  • BCAAs ($37.99)
  • Creatine ($32.99)

PROGRAMMING – For this week’s workouts & scaling, please visit our website or Sugarwod

⚬ Mon: Deadlift 6×2. Metcon: Tabata Row (Cals)
⚬ Tue: 12 Days of Christmas metcon
Wed: Homework: Scales!  Then, 5k Run, Walk or Row.
⚬ Thu: E3MOM x 6: 3 Cleans #125/205, 6 Burp-Over-Bar, 9 Wall Balls
⚬ Fri: Strict + Push Press Test. AMRAP 6M: 200m Run, 8 Hang Power Snatch (#75/115)
⚬ Sat: “Cindy”  AMRAP 20M: 5 Pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Squats
⚬ Sun: AMRAP 25m: 8 Russian KB  #53/70, 10 T2B, 50 DUs, 12 Burpees, 10/15 Cal Row

CRAIG’S LIST (stuff I’m reading or listening to)

Talking Elite Fitness: The Numbers Game with Brian Friend – Looking Back on the 2019 Games – If you like numbers and CrossFit, you’ll love this episode of Talking Elite Fitness. Sean & Tommy talk about statistical scoring issues with the 2019 CrossFit Games – the impact of the cuts on scoring and workout flaws that result in statistical anomalies. Excerpt: “look at Alessandra Pichelli, she finishes 10th, 20th 16th, 10th, 21st, 11th, yet she gets cut (for the top 20). I mean, that is the model for consistency …”

Joe Rogan Experience #1399 – Pavel Tsatsouline – Pavel Tsatsouline, a fitness industry icon and  instructor who brought his training techniques from the former Soviet Union to US Navy SEALs, Marines and Army Special Forces, and shortly thereafter to the American public. He is also an OG king of the kettlebell! Pavel knows his stuff when it comes to strength training – and he keeps it simple. He is highly respected in the strength training world for his insights. This is a great podcast for anyone who wants to learn more about building strength.

The American Diabetes Association finally acknowledges low carb diet for diabetes treatment and prevention! It’s actually quite shocking that it has taken so long. This event is a driect result of the efforts of CrossFit and others in the low-carb world to help influence the medical community – and fight the influence of the food & drug industries.

Make it a great week!